I’ve been eyeballing some etched glass dishes on Pinterest for some time now, but haven’t moved to make one myself.

via Pinterest
via Pinterest

I LOVE both of these ideas…

but I need practice before damaging my ‘real’ dishes.

My Dad dropped off a few large glass jars he found while cleaning out his basement.

I’m not sure what they were used for, but they’ve become cookie jars for the dog since he gave them to me.
First you have to clean off the area you’re planning on etching with rubbing alcohol.  Then wash with soap and water.

Version 1:  No cutting machine attempt

I don’t have a Silhouette Cameo (yet), so I thought I’d try with a paper template that I cut out myself.
It works, but it isn’t perfect.

 I used a spray adhesive to get my template to stick in place on the glass.

I did my best to make sure that all the edges were sealed, but this is where a vinyl template would have worked better.

I did two versions; one with the letters blocked off within a painter’s tape frame and the other the negative of the same lettering.

I used a Martha Stewart etching cream, and although the image on the box shows a white cream, mine was brown?  

I looked it up and it said not to worry, the brown works just as well.

Using gloves, paint the etching cream on in one direction and then repeat in the other direction so that you don’t get stripes in your finished product.

Make sure you put it on really thickly. 

After about 15 minutes you will be good to wash off the cream.
I just used dish soap and water. 

Not too bad for a first attempt eh?

 The negative version didn’t turn out quite as well.

I shifted the letters while they had the glue on them and I think that’s when some etching cream snuck underneath.

On the upside; Lacey’s a dog and can’t read – so I think she’ll forgive me.

 As long as the jars are full that is.

 Version 2:  Cutting machine on adhesive vinyl 

This is where having an amazing friend (with a machine) comes in handy!

Lynn set up the Silhouette to cut a million different pieces for me.

Poor Lynn, I took up her entire afternoon and brought over my entire collection of glassware. 

The vinyl does a much better job.  
I still think the paper version could have worked, I just needed to be more thorough in sealing the edges of the paper to the glass.

 20 minutes later and voila!

Pyrex dishes ready for the next neighbourhood get together or pot luck.
(They would also be fantastic as a bridal shower gift.)

 I had to play with a couple of fonts.  I love the whimsy of both of these.

 Then my bird-adorned trifle dish;

 Finally, I thought I’d do up my giant glass drink canister.

This one might be my favourite of them all.

Lynn had the brilliant idea to try it on glass that was already frosted.  Her vase is a pale green and we weren’t sure if it would work, but check out how striking this is:


I’m addicted!
It’s so easy (particularly if you have a friend with a Silhouette)!
Next will be my makeup brush container, then some drinking glasses… oooh how about etching the outside of a bottle of wine as a wedding gift or frosting the edges of a mirror?  
Lynn had the brilliant idea to etch the glass in photo frames – this would be a great wedding and/or baby gift……   

Have a great one!

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