Yup, it’s time to start the annual “Boo’ing” of the neighourhood kids.

In case you weren’t following the blog last year (or the year before), this is where you package up a small bag or box of goodies – usually from the dollar store – attach a “You’ve Been Boo’d” poem, drop them on a neighbour’s front porch then ring the bell and run!

My girls opted out of dollar store goodies this year and instead chose to give the unsuspecting recipients a bag of chips, their favourite chip dip (it’s a Heluva good dip) and a craft box.

You've been Boo'd!

This actually worked out really well – we always Boo all of the kids in the house, not just the one that is their friend, and two of the houses we delivered to had multiple kids.  These foam crafts are fun for little and big, and you can’t argue with your mouth full right?  You’re welcome parents. lol

You've been Boo'd!

Now’s a great time to pick these up as well.  Michael’s has them for 40% off right now, so they are really affordable.

Print off three copies of your “Boo’d” poem and attach:

You've Been Boo'd!

Click image for free printable pdf


You've been Boo'd!

Click the image above for the free printable poem.

You've been Boo'd!

I sent the girls off near dusk and had them drop the surprises off at a friends’/neighbours’ houses.

The recipient will put the sign in their front window indicating ‘They’ve been Boo’d” and will then Boo two other families.  It snowballs quite quickly and between now and Hallowe’en all of the kids in the neighbourhood will have been “Boo’d“.

Start one in your neighbourhood.  Your kids will love packaging up little goodies and they get such a kick out of delivering the gift and hiding.  That’s just your kids – the recipients go ballistic when they receive their surprise.

Create a fun memory all around – go “Boo” someone tonight!


Have a great one!

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