Well, it’s been a fantastic month here on the bloggo.
Numbers have almost doubled, Facebook likes, Pinterest pins – everything has gone through the roof…
Thanks to YOU.
Truly and sincerely, thank you for taking the time to read my blog.
I hope I have inspired at least one or two “Aha!” moments.

In addition to thanking my readers, I also need to thank my Awesome advertisers.
Please take a moment to click on over to their sites and see the amazingness they have to offer by way of products and/or services.

First off – my Gal-Pal Lynn at ENJO:

I will tell you my completely honest and unbiased opinion – Lynn became my friend AFTER I found ENJO – so I can tell you I was crazy for their products from first try. 
If you aren’t concerned about the levels of chemicals you’re exposing your family to, think about the time you save by using ENJO.  I can (LITERALLY) wash my entire kitchen floor in less than 10 minutes.  I can clean my entire master ensuite in about 7 minutes…. and I’m cleaning it better than I was before when I used Vim, Windex, Ajax etc, etc.
Contact Lynn today and get a home demonstration, or a consultation via Skype – everything about ENJO makes sense.  You WILL save time, you WILL save money and your home/office/car WILL be deep-down to the pores CLEAN.
Shipping is free to everywhere in Canada, and is available to the US as well.
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If my recent blog posts about unconventional uses for conventional items hasn’t already got you crazy for Tupperware – then check out Lona’s site for a million more pieces that can  make your life easier.  Freezer, fridge, pantry, pots and pans, knives, kids, entertaining – there isn’t anything Tupperware doesn’t have a solution for.  The best part – and unlike store brands – your Tupperware is GUARANTEED FOR LIFE!  If it chips, cracks or breaks, Tupperware will replace it FREE!
These puppies can get passed down to your grandkids and still be under warranty!
I also need to remind you that today is the absolute LAST DAY to take advantage of the Modular sale.  This offer won’t come around again for at least a year – so please take a look and get your orders in with Lona today!
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Pink Ink

I have some new friends here on the blog… Rita and Jen from Pink Ink.
These ladies will teach you how to look (and therefore feel) like a million dollars.  Their comprehensive program includes teaching you make-up basics, a closet makeover, a spa treatment for hair and nails and a session with a life coach.  
You’ve heard the saying “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have“? 
There’s a reason it’s so well-known – because it’s true!
Dress to be your Pinterest boards, create your own style and learn how to maintain and even add to it. 
Building your image will build your self-esteem, confidence and therefore your success – no matter what you do for a living.
Check out Pink Ink and their new style boards for some inspiration ‘on a budget’.
Follow them on Facebook for hints, tips and tricks to make you feel, and look, your best.

Better Than Flowers

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I have to get the word out about Better Than Flowers…. a gift basket company that creates scrumptious, decadent, well-received and imaginative gift baskets.
From “Pizza and Beer” which does include specialty beers, to The Maritime which includes Lobster spread, escargots, and Alaskan Smokehouse Salmon spread along with the perfect accompanying wines these novelty baskets are sure to be a HUGE hit with anyone within site of Cupid’s arrow.
For a limited time you can receive 15% off of your first basket!
Need a hint Hubby?

Did I mention they ship anywhere in North America?  (for all you long-distance lovers!)


The Nutrie™ commitment, is to keep everything as simple as possible.
What does simple mean? It means providing you with Nutrie™ products and programs that give you the best chance to succeed in your personal health goals.
It means producing the best tasting products while also providing you the most convenient way of consuming them. All Nutrie™ products are packaged in a way that makes it easy for you to stay on track. No mixing, no blending, no powders or pills… just tasty beverages that taste and look great.

Nutrie™. No More Bootcamps. No More Tasteless Meals. No More Diet Re-Lapse

Build Your Practice

Dr Laura Gravelle is a chiropractor, speaker and coach. She helps heal, inspire and transform lives. She assists female wellness practitioners in building thriving wellness practices, to help them earn the income they deserve and free up the time they need. Her program is “Build Your Practice “.  She is also the founder and cohost of “The Harmonics of Healing” retreat for women. 
This year the retreat provides :  

  • Deep relaxation and revitalization techniques for inner peace. 
  • Methods to confidently express yourself proudly, truthfully and without guilt, shame or regret.
  • Tips and techniques to look and feel your best inside and out.
  • Understanding the underlying premise of energy and the benefits received. 
  • Ways to nourish the mind, body, and soul through the power of healing foods and healing sounds. 
  • The secrets to living life with a sense of ease, balance and health.

Register today at http://ow.ly/t0Rpq 
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Twitter @chirolaurag

Stella & Dot

If you haven’t checked out the latest Spring styles, you must – quick, go now!
Stella & Dot offers affordable accessories that are artisan crafted and hand finished… and will ramp up any outfit to the next level.
Jeans and t-shirt – look out, Stella & Dot glam zam’s it up to urban chic.  Little black dress – big giant impact.
Contact Tanya today to get a catalogue, or host your own Stella & Dot party and get your wish list for FREE!

P.S.  Don’t forget the little Valentine’s in your life – Stella & Dot has bling for Princesses as well as Queens.

Have a great one!