You’ve heard of Jockey right?

If you’re in North America, you probably know the name Jockey as it equates to underwear.

Well, the same company has a clothing arm as well!
The same comfort and quality as their underwear, but trendy and versatile for women!

I hadn’t heard of Jockey P2P before this summer, so I was shocked to hear that this line of clothing is only available through home shows (multi-level-marketing).

I went to one show – bought too many clothes.
I went to a second show – bought what I’d forgotten at the first show.
Hosted a show myself and bought more.
Finally – I’ve decided to sell Jockey P2P!


Don’t worry, I won’t be writing endless posts about the clothing and harassing you (my friends) to host home parties….  I’m not much of a salesperson.
I actually decided to sign up to work it in conjunction with my second business – Daily Glam.

The pieces are versatile, fashionable and fit anywhere from XXS to plus sizes and many of the pieces are staples;  the pencil skirt, black trousers, flutter cardigan, tunic, leggings, jeans and they have a whole range of activewear as well.



If you are in Canada you can check out the online catalogue and order here.

If you are in the U.S.A. or outside – you’ll need to Google a Jockey P2P Consultant in your area.

If I could only recommend one piece – it would have to be the jeans.

No word of a lie, these make even a bubble-butt like mine look perky and ‘latina’.  

I LOVE these jeans!

I’ve heard people compare them to “Not Your Daughter’s Jeans” which retail around $110 – $150 US per pair.  The Jockey P2P version has the same slimming properties – cotton denim with a spandex component – but are MUCH less.

Perhaps I’m not the best model to show the clothing off – but then again, I’m NOT a size 4 (more like 12-14) and if I feel cheeky (excuse the pun) strutting around in these clothes, chances are you will too!  
(Did I mention that the head designer used to design for Queen Latifah?)

There are a few things I HIGHLY recommend – Benjamin Moore Advance paint, ENJO cleaning cloths, The Keg’s filet mignon, Tazo Chai Tea concentrate and Jockey P2P clothing.

Try one piece – you’ll be hooked!

Have a great one!

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