School’s done, sun’s out, weather is gorgeous and another month has passed.
Congratulations to all graduates, big and small, and a Happy Belated Father’s Day to you loving Daddy’s out there.

On top of all of the things I’m grateful for in June – are my blog sponsors.
This month we said goodbye to a friend, but we gained some new ones and so I’d like to ask you to send some love to the people that are keeping this blog up and running:


How many products are in your laundry room or laundry closet?  Do you use fabric softener, dryer sheets, bleach, stain removers, etc.?  These products are not only toxic for your health and the environment… but they also take a lot of space in your home and are very costly.  The ENJO Laundry detergent is amazing.  Just 1 tsp does a full load of laundry (you can even get away with 1/2 tsp on a front loader HE for small to regular loads).  That’s up to 400 loads with 1 litre Revolution.  For more helpful tips, check out the ENJO Laundry Tips at the bottom of the Specials sheet (below).

Revolution contains sugar, maize, coconut, potato, aloe vera and orange oil ingredients.  It is a plant-based detergent and is so gentle you can use it even for the most sensitive skin and delicate fabrics.  Did you know you can even use the revolution as a hand soap and as a shampoo for pets?

Get it for less this month.  Purchase the special anytime in July as a customer or call Lynn Grushka with ENJO to book your ENJO demo and you could get it for free.  Show your friends how fun and easy it is to clean with ENJO and water.  
Your friends will thank you for it!

Like Lynn’s Facebook page to stay on top of upcoming specials and demonstrations she has going on, or to find out new and great tips for cleaning with ENJO!

(Shipping available anywhere in North America)


Inspire your child’s curiosity and creativity by ordering fun and conveniently packaged themed craft and activity boxes right to their door!Purchase a Curiosity Box for your child or they are great gifts for a grandchild, niece, nephew or friend!

Tomorrow is the last day to take advantage of the Canada Day Sale at Curiosity Box!

QUICK!  Click here to take advantage of this limited-time offer!

Or, if you have a birthday coming up – to host or to go to – check out Curiosity Box for birthday gift ideas for boys and girls and for their Party Boxes which provide guests with crafts and activities to do at the party.  Each box has enough to supply 8 guests with two crafts and an activity – and will help you throw a party to remember!

Be sure to “Like” the Curiosity Box page on Facebook for weekly tips and ideas on crafts and activities you can do at home with your kids.



New to the blog this past month is Kathleen Mundy, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Business Coach:

Going from a successful career in real estate, to being an unemployed single mother, to an unsurpassed entrepreneur, business coach and mentor, Kathleen’s is a riches to rags to riches story. Kathleen Mundy turned a small investment into a multi-million dollar business in five years and now teaches why ‘Making Your Own Money’ makes a difference in your future. As a business coach and CEO of Making Your Own Money™, a company committed to helping women (and really smart men) reach their full potential and independence in the entrepreneurial world and secure a better future.
Whether you are just starting with your business idea and don’t know where to begin or have been in business for a couple of years and have been working too hard for the money you earn, Kathleen’s M.O.N.E.Y. System can help you launch your great idea, work less and make more money.

Book your free strategy session and follow Kathleen on Facebook for other strategic advice that will “take your business from over-draft to over-drive”.


Have you ever been curious about what it takes to run your own franchise?  What you need to do to purchase one, or what you need to know to apply and finance one?
This month I welcome the Franchise Success Academy as a sponsor of 100T2D.

The FRANCHISE SUCCESS ACADEMY is an international training and development firm designed to provide Business Acumen and Financial Literacy to Franchisees. The focus of the training is to strengthen the ability of the Franchise to succeed through a strong grounding of a sustainable business mindset, ultimately reducing the risk of under-performance. Our firm is composed of a team of professionals with extensive experience in law, finances, franchising, business management and development.  Our team possesses real‐life experience in a wide range of business activities and achievements. Graduates of the Academy can expect to acquire and improve their understanding of proven business principles with an emphasis on life balance and achievements. Our success is based on the success our graduates and to that end, our entire team is committed.

Like the Franchise Success Academy on Facebook to be kept abreast of upcoming seminars and programs that can help you in obtaining, or maintaining, your franchise.


The Face of Pink Ink 2014 is in full swing with photo shoots in Brampton just this past weekend!  

Don’t worry if you missed Brampton – there are still sessions available in London and Paris, Ontario – but you need to register SOON!
The first London photo shoot will be on July 13th and there isn’t much room left!

Come on out and have your hair done by Wright Hair & Co, have your makeup done by the artists at Pink Ink in not one – but TWO different looks, then have your wardrobe selected by the stylists at Jockey P2P…. and finish your ‘Day of Divaliciousness’ with a professional photo shoot by Angelic Images Photography where you will be given a digital image of your favourite post FOR FREE!
{Digital means you can use that image on your Christmas cards, business cards, Facebook page – you could even have it blown up to poster-size to just admire the gorgeousness that is you!}
All of this for $99 – PLUS a swag bag of items from ENJO, Epicure, Jamberry Nails, 100Things2Do, Plexus Slim, Saidat, Seacret, Aloette, Peggy’s Clean Team, Pink Ink, Zipsessory, Anne Marie Phelan Photography and Thirty-One – with more sponsors coming on board daily!



Angela is the brilliance behind most of the pdf’s I’ve been releasing on the blog of late.
She is my Go-To-Gal for all things graphic design because she is BRILLIANT.
Seriously, I doubt you will find another designer this insanely talented and creative – and with absolutely RIDONKULOUS prices!

Ang is “a graphic designer with over 7 years of experience. Design is my passion as it allows for unlimited creativity.  I can do custom designs for pretty much any project and budget. Looking forward to bringing your visions to life!”

Be sure to “LIKE” the Visions Facebook page to see more of her stunning designs and/or to purchase custom prints for families, grads, Dads etc.

Message her with your ideas and I guarantee she will knock your socks off!

If you would like your business featured on this blog – check out my “Advertising/Privacy” page for reach and rates and please contact me with any questions you might have.

Have a great one!