If you’ve been reading the blog for awhile, you may have noticed that I’ve never shown my kitchen on here.
Bits of counter, a cupboard or drawer, fridge and even pantry – but never the kitchen in it’s entirety. I love Kitchen Design and finding new furniture to compliment the kitchen, but ours used to be very, very cluttered!

This is why:

cluttered kitchen

and this isn’t even a bad day.
We wanted a 9 foot long island so we had lots of work space in the kitchen – usually it’s a 9 foot long clutter capture.

This is relatively light compared to many days when lunch bags and backpacks, homework, markers and play-doh get added into the mix.

cluttered countertop

The dishes you see here are all clean, but things in the cupboard are falling out so some people decide that this stuff can’t fit.

cluttered tupperware cupboard

Hubby once gave me grief when I tried to sell Tupperware. As you can see, I was (by far) my best customer, and he kept telling me what a waste of money it all was.

I would agree – if you buy something and don’t use it – it IS a complete waste of money. It stuffs the cupboards and meanwhile the produce in the fridge is rotting – that’s a double waste of money.

cluttered fridge

I had guests coming for my Freezer Meal Party (Saturday’s post) so it was time to deep clean all of this:

dirty stove top

What are we? Animals?

With my ENJO kitchen cloth and water – and some organization – I am now able to post photographs of my kitchen.

clean and tidy kitchen

The food in the corner (right rear) was for the Freezer Meal Party, so it did have to stay out.


Look at that! The cupboard isn’t bursting at the seams if you actually — USE the stuff in it!
(Hubby, you know this lecture is for you right?)

organized tupperware cupboard

My ENJO kitchen duo cloth and a bit of marble paste took off all of the grease, grime and spills from my cooktop without scratching.

clean cooktop

These photos aren’t really for you – this post is entirely for me – so that I have some visual proof that I TRY to keep things tidy. That and this may be the only time I get to see my kitchen completely tidied (kids are home from school in 20 minutes) lol

before and after of cluttered to clean fridge

I love before and afters

before and after - dirty to clean cooktop
before and after - cluttered to clean kitchen
I finally have a kitchen photo to add to my home tour!
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Save this one for bedtime – it’s a calming and relaxing one to help you sleep (click the image for the video)

Have a great one!

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