If you’ve followed this blog for any period of time, you’ll know that I don’t like to cook.

Which makes this post sort of ironic really; cool gadgets and items that would make life in the kitchen so much easier… if I ever went into the kitchen. The only piece of equipment I use in the kitchen is the Miniature Deep Fryer. It’s great for quick meals and it’s very easy to use, perfect for me.

I’ve got 20 kitchen gadgets here that I think you’ll love.

  1. First up a garbage and recycling station in one! Better still, it’s touchless! (Click the images to link to the store/site)

Touchless garbage and recycling bin in one, kitchen gadget, kitchen gadgets

A cleaner way to manage your recycling and trash
The stainless steel Touchless Recycle Trashcan allows dual-compartment storage of trash and recyclables without touching either lid. Simply approach each infrared sensor lid to open the compartments separately. They will close automatically 3 seconds after you walk away. (Just $230 US + batteries)

  1. What about hiding vegetables in your pasta dishes?

Veggie spiralizer,  kitchen gadget, kitchen gadgets

With the Gefu Spirelli Spiral Slicer you can add a unique restaurant-style touch to pastas and vegetable stir-frys (stir-fries), or add a decorative garnish to any dish.

  1. I was shocked that the price tag on this frozen soft-serve maker was only $35 US! (Best of the kitchen gadgets!)

Yonanas 902 Frozen Treat Maker,  kitchen gadget, kitchen gadgets

  • Instantly turns frozen fruit and other flavorings into a delicious and healthy treat

  • Looks and tastes like soft serve ice cream soft-serve ice cream without additional fat, sugar, or preservatives

  1. I generally use loose-leaf teas, but the compactness and portability of this is making me reconsider.

YouCopia Tea stand 100 Tea bag organizer,  kitchen gadget, kitchen gadgets

YouCopia TeaStand 100 Tea Bag Organizer

Dry cabinet to protect flavors and eliminate box clutter. Sleek, lightweight design is easy to grab and move anywhere. Allow full view of tea bag labels. Place the organizer on any flat surface a countertop or table to pick your tea of choice. It’s great for entertaining and making guests feel at home. ($30 US)


  • Includes 12 clear removable dishwasher-safe bins
  • Tea bag
  • Holds more than 100 tea bags
  • Fits all standard kitchen cabinets
  • Durable plastic is easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • Stands anywhere for easy display

5. Hubby is the worst for not refilling the garbage canister after an empty – I’m thinking kitchen gadgets like this might be his Father’s Day gift.

Trash Helper - Store garbage bag refill right in the can!,  kitchen gadget, kitchen gadgets

The Trash Helper is a cool device that you place at the bottom of your trash can that holds a roll of garbage bags. When you fill up and take out one bag and another empty automatically comes up behind (if you leave them attached). I always get lazy and never replace the bag in the can after I take the trash out and always get stuck putting one in at the worst times during dinner prep or something. Even better is that storing bulky garbage bag boxes always takes up so much needed space in pantries and cabinets, while this innovative product lets you store them right at the source.


6. Silicone rolling pin rings,  kitchen gadget, kitchen gadgets

These silicone rolling pin spacer rings slip onto ends of rolling pin to roll out pastry dough to exact thickness: 1/16″, 1/8″, 1/4″ or 1/2″. Rolling pin guide rings are essentials for preparing handmade ravioli, pizza crust, calzone, strudel, phyllo, pies, cookie dough and more. (Silicone rings only $10 US for 4 sets) Update: I bought these and they are GREAT! My gingerbread cookies were all exactly ¼” thick and baked perfectly with no thin or burnt areas.

7. I’ve been following the advice of Jennifer from JJ’s Kitchen and have been putting pre-made meals into freezer bags to free up some space in the freezer. This kitchen gadget would certainly make doing that much, MUCH easier.

Joker hands-free baggy rack,  kitchen gadget, kitchen gadgets

  • Non-slip rubber base; adjustable arms hold most sizes of storage bags
  • Simply fasten bag under clips and fill; it’s like having an extra set of hands in the kitchen ($8 US ea)

8. I need easily accessible pie like I need a hole in the head – but tell me this doesn’t tempt you…

I mean 8 minutes to a savoury meat pie and while you’re eating just another 8 minutes to a freshly baked apple pie?

Breville Personal Pie Maker / Williams-Sonoma,  kitchen gadget, kitchen gadgets

Create up to four individual-sized pies full of your favorite fillings with this simple-to-operate pie maker. Whether its savory meat pies, vegetable pies, quiches or sweet fruit pies or tarts, most pies take just 8 minutes to cook. ($80 US) Update: I bought this, and while the blueberry pies I made were delicious, I haven’t used it again since.

9. Williams-Sonoma – you rock my world! I always end up boiling an extra two eggs because I know at least one will come out too runny and probably one too hard. – Not anymore I won’t!

Egg perfect timer / Williams-Sonoma,  kitchen gadget, kitchen gadgets

This remarkable little timer uses temperature instead of time to perfectly gauge whether a boiled egg is soft, medium or hard. It absorbs heat exactly as an egg does, changing color from the outside edge in to show the level of doneness. Rest this ingenious plastic egg on the pan bottom and it will change color as the boiling eggs progress from raw to soft, medium or hard boiled. Update: THIS THING IS AWESOME! I’ve bought about a dozen now to give away as little gifts and stocking stuffers!

  • Adjusts automatically to the number of eggs and the level of water in the pot. ($6 US)

10. This one has be thinking summer and burger season – imagine “perfect quarter inch slices” of tomato on my heavenly hamburgers – mmmmm.

Amco tomato slicer,  kitchen gadget, kitchen gadgets

  • Tomato slicer
  • Slice tomatoes into uniform 1/4-inch thick slices with one easy motion
  • Create perfect slices every time for hamburgers, sandwiches, salads and more ($5 US)

11. How about a machine that will print out your grocery list like a receipt machine?

Smart shopper grocery list organizer,  kitchen gadget, kitchen gadgets

SmartShopper is an easy-to-use electronic device that helps you make your grocery list. Adding an item to your list is easy.

Simply press record and speak the name of the item you wish to add. Press Print, and SmartShopper prints your categorized list. ($150 US)


12. I’m pretty sure Tupperware used to carry some kitchen gadgets like this?

Bacon Keeper,  kitchen gadget, kitchen gadgets

Keep those gross juices from leaking out all over your fridge. Also works great for cold cuts from the deli that are a total pain to rewrap.


13. This one is a little pricey, and there are a lot of different versions of these kitchen gadgets out there – but something about the aesthetic of this appealed to me.

Not enough to spend $44 US for it, but it’s nice to look at.

Prepara Deluxe oil mister,  kitchen gadget, kitchen gadgets

This is the best mister on the market because it has a glass base; you can sterilize it with boiling water. Perfect for seasoning salads, misting cookie trays, grilling meats, making pancakes, the oil mister is the healthy way to add more flavor with less fat.

14. Anything that keeps my fingers away from mandolins, graters and knives is a thumbs up in my book! (Yes, joke totally intended)

Vegetable chop & measure / Williams-Sonoma,  kitchen gadget, kitchen gadgets

With a quick press of the hinged frame, this tool slices and dices hard and soft produce into a compartment underneath. ($30 US)

15. We already know that braces are in our not-so-distant future with the girls – and as a survivor of the metal mouth myself, I know we’ll be needing one of these:

Corn kerneler,  kitchen gadget, kitchen gadgets

Enjoy fresh corn without the mess of eating from the cob. With our Corn Kerneler, you can easily remove corn kernels from the cob in one quick motion. ($13 US)

16. Whenever I attempt icing something from a bag, I inevitably end up with it oozing out of the back and all over my hand. I’m not complaining, it gives me a legitimate reason to eat wads of sugar, but I’m thinking this might be a better way:

Decorating pen set (icing),  kitchen gadget, kitchen gadgets

Decorating is as easy and neat as writing with this brilliant tool – a perfect fit for any hand. Tips are interchangeable with any standard-size tips. ($10 US)

17. What about a butter knife with a sort of grating feature, so that even hard butter will become spreadable?


ButterUp,  kitchen gadget, kitchen gadgets

Many a sandwich has been ruined by overzealous buttering with fridge-cold butter. The anguish of torn bread may now be a thing of the past, though, thanks to a newly-designed butter knife. The ButterUp knife has a built-in grater to soften butter for spreading. Update: I bought this and we’ve used it a few times, but for the most part we forget it’s in the drawer.

  1. I must be pining for summer or something, because this baby has me salivating over the thought of barbecue chicken and ribs – sauce and baster in one? God bless the genius behind this.

BBQ Basting Bottle,  kitchen gadget, kitchen gadgets

Add sweet ‘n spicy sauces and tangy marinades to your grilled foods! Bottle handles thick sauces with ease and includes measure markings. A unique valve controls the flow of sauces through the silicone bristles, evenly coating your grilled foods. ($20 Cdn)

  1. I’ve seen kitchen gadgets like this in action on strawberries and it’s fantastic. Can also be used for eggs, kiwi, onion, mushrooms…

Egg slicer plus,  kitchen gadget, kitchen gadgets

Make beautiful presentations with this heavy-duty slicer. Slice eggs, mushrooms, strawberries, kiwis and more. ($17 Cdn)

  1. I do already have one of these, and having tried a couple of different versions, I can honestly say this one worked the best (in my opinion). It juices lemons and limes so thoroughly that the peel actually turns inside out!

Tupperware Zest'N Press,  kitchen gadget, kitchen gadgets

Add savory citrus to marinades, juices, salad dressings and oils with this do-everything tool. Combining a lemon-lime press with a zester, it features unique, micro-plane technology. Now you can zest lemons, limes or small oranges prior to squeezing to extract maximum flavor and nutrients.


Perhaps this last one shouldn’t be considered in the realm of “kitchen gadgets”, but more of a clever technique – how about peeling avocados using just a drinking glass? Yup, works for kiwis and mangos as well.

Peel an avocado with a glass

Click the image above to see the entire video showing how it’s done.

Kitchen gadgets

I’m off to do a little online shopping now!


Have a great one!


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