I’ve been itching to try a lamp makeover for a year now – but I really don’t need any lamps in my house.  I kept putting it off thinking it would be a waste of money to buy a lamp just to make it over.

Actually, I guess I do that with all my pieces don’t I?

Fair game – then a lamp makeover I shall have!

I found this guy at a local thrift store;

thrift store lamp

I like the shape of it, but not so much the pattern.  Cute, but not for me.

close up of lamp floral print

I wanted to try a different finish than I’ve tried before on the blog, so I picked up a dark primer, and Rustoleum’s Hammered Finish spray paint in brown.  Ignore the gloss paint – the hammered finish is really glossy without it.

Lamp makeover 11

I wrapped the plug and the bulb area with snack bags and then used painter’s tape to hold them tight.

lamp with bulb and cord wrapped

I wiped the entire lamp down with a little TSP to make sure there was no residue, furniture polish etc on it – which would impede the adhesion of the paint.

Much like with the vase makeover, you’ll want to do VERY LIGHT coats.  You don’t want t have to sand this back down because of drools.


lampe primed with brown primer

I did two coats to make sure all the beige was covered, then light coats of your hammered paint finish:

first coat of rustoleum's hammered finish paint on lamp

This stuff goes on a bit gloppy.  What I mean is, it’s a thicker spray, and not the fine mist typical of most spray paint – but what a fantastic result!

Three light coats and check this out:

finished lamp

It looks to have so much texture, but really it’s completely smooth.

Lamp makeover 07

You can see it had a nice sheen to it, so that’s why I decided against the additional gloss coat.

Lamp makeover 08

I may make a change with the lampshade – but overall, I’m really pleased!

before and after shots of the lamp


So for this project:

  • Lamp = $12
  • Primer = $7
  • Hammered Finish paint = $10
  • Total:  $29

I really didn’t need another lamp, but I think this guy’s a keeper.


Have a great one!


Joke:  "Relatable: that moment when you decide to punch your husband in the face while he's sleeping because you'd rather hear him bitch than listen to him snore"



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