Or should I say “Big Girl”?

At what age do you have to relinquish the title “Little Girl”?  (because at 8, I’m still not ready to)

Madison is turning 8 this week (sniff, sniff) and we hosted her first ever sleepover party last Friday night.


I know – WTF was I thinking!? – but when your 7-year old comes to you with puppy-dog eyes and a “Pleeeeeeaaaaasse Mommy” – we’ll see how long you hold out.

We started the evening with a trip to the hairdresser for a little glam session (and the girls needed a haircut anyways, so it was a good incentive).
Maddie wanted curls and Chloe wanted a braid.


Maddie decided she wanted a sleep mask for her birthday invitation, so between us we made some up;


 We had my Go-To-Gal Brenda at Cakes on Wheels create a sleep mask birthday cake for the occasion (I have told you that the cakes are amazing and that she delivers right?)

Sleep mask birthday cake for sleepover party

But what is a sleepover without something really “Wow!”?

I decided a few weeks ago that we were going to forego goodie bags and instead build tents for each of the guests.
Cute little A-frames and we let Madison choose the material she wanted for each.

A-frame tents for sleepover party

I said ‘each’ of the guests…. that meant 13 tents had to fit into my rec room…

A-frame tents for sleepover party

Tents are fun, but what are we going to do all night?

My friend Cassie at Curiosity Box had some ideas for us (which I’ll share in another post), but on top of that I wanted to re-do our sandpaper-crayon t-shirts

on pillowcases.

Custom pillowcases

that match each tent.

Coordinating pillow cases and tents for sleepover party

Finally, what is a sleepover without a midnight snack?

You know I wasn’t staying awake to feed these girls at midnight – I needed something they could handle themselves;

Midnight snacks for sleepover party

Little treat boxes with a few cookies and a flashlight inside!

We had pizza and popcorn and cake and liquorice.

We had cereal and pancakes and crafts and games.
It was 100 decibel mayhem!


But my baby girl is only going to turn 8 once right?

Or maybe I should say, we’re only hosting 13 girls for a sleepover once. lol


She’s worth it.

Happy early birthday baby girl.  
We love you more than the sun and the moon and all the stars in the sky! 

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Have a great one!

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