I mentioned last week that I was interviewed for a podcast on LondonPreneurs.

Michelle (of Carter Creations and founder of LondonPreneurs) was so kind and welcoming, it was like having a conversation with a good friend…. as you’ll hear.
(I got a bit of verbal diarrhea going and the poor woman couldn’t get a word in edge-wise.)

Podcast here

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What Michelle offers through LondonPreneurs is an incredible opportunity for business owners in London and surrounding area: it’s more than networking, it’s about learning. I had no idea how many independent business owners there were around here. Not necessarily Mary Kay or Tupperware – who are under a larger corporate umbrella – but truly independent entrepreneurs who have taken the leap of faith that what they offer is of value to someone else.

I’ve been to my fair share of networking meetings and it’s nice to shake hands and give out business cards – but Michelle is offering you insight into what the businesses actually do and provide. A central source to learn without any sales pressure. An opportunity to advertise (on her site) within reasonable rates (which small businesses need) and an online source of networking.

Check out the LondonPreneurs site and get a small taste of what SouthWestern Ontario brings to the plate. A lot of services, including Michelle’s, are available internationally through the web – so there is value here for everyone.

screen shot of Carter Creations website

Now in reciprocation of Michelle’s kindness in having me on her show, a small plug for her other business: Carter Creations – a Canadian Web Media Company

A web site is a great start to share your story in a noisy social marketplace. Tools and strategies are just a brainstorm away! Let’s discover your niche and I will show just how easy and low risk starting an online business can be.

Michelle provides website design and continuity programming to keep your website congruent and consistent with all of your other social media platforms. So, you will need to make sure all platforms are consistent with one another, whether you are looking for some of the best designs for finance websites or fashion websites.
No point having a great site if your Facebook page doesn’t express the same professionalism or branding.

Better still – Michelle‘s prices are SPECTACULAR!
A new website was on my wishlist for 2015, but I was terrified of how much it would cost (prices range from $6,000 to $20,000 depending on specifications and requirements*)

Michelle was able to come up with an alternative that would/will only leave me out-of-pocket roughly $1,500 – $2,000 using some of the best programming available on the web.

*This is a sponsored post, but the opinions expressed are honest and sincere – and with a little luck and a few more advertisers, you will be seeing Carter Creations work right here on 100T2D!

Have a great one!