I’m running out the door in a few minutes for another “Women At Play” evening (see sidebar ad for more information), but I wanted to share a project that I whipped up this morning in less than 20 minutes…

I am convinced that my family keeps single socks out of the laundry just to make me crazy.  I used to think it was the sheets that ate them up, so I quit washing socks with the sheets, but I still end up with singles every single week.

I’m going mental!

I hate having single socks laying around in wait.

Today, I decided to jump on the missing-socks-plaque-bandwagon.

Piece of wood 3/4″ thick, cut to 11 by 10 inches.

Missing socks board - easy DIY - whipped out in 20 minutes!

I added one coat of paint, just to make it presentable,

then used my Silhouette to cut the lettering.

Missing socks - 2

You could probably hot glue the clothes pegs onto the board, but I didn’t trust them not to come off with a bit of pressure, so I pre-drilled a small hole in each of the pegs and then screwed them into the board.

Missing socks - 3

My favourite technique for hanging pictures – nail some narrow-headed nails into the back of the board, line it up against your wall (with a level on top) and then PUSH!

It only makes two small holes in your wall (versus one), but the picture/plaque will never tilt – it will always stay in place.

Missing socks - 4

As anti-interior-design this might be slot machines for money, I put the plaque in our bedroom – because that’s where I sort the laundry and always seem to end up with my singles.

Missing socks 2 - 1

This week it’s just three loners – but it’s also laundry day tomorrow, so I’m sure the pegs will fill up.

Missing socks 2 - 3

With one coat of paint, it dries pretty quickly – so I was done this entire project in an hour – and that includes 40 minutes of dry-time.

Easy DIY - make your own missing socks sign - Single, seeking mate


I’m off – glass fusion tonight!

Have a great one!

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