I’ve been itching to try these magazine trees since I first saw them on Pinterest a couple of years ago.  I have oodles of Christmas decorations stockpiled away, so I’ve never needed to add anything to my pile… I do, but I don’t NEED to.

This year I decided that instead of trying to make my house one theme, I’d go with a theme or colour palette per room.  Sure it will be a mishmash, but it will be a mishmash of sparkle and glitter and that’s what’s really important. lol

My dining room furniture is black; black china cabinet and hutch and black dining table – so I thought I’d go with black and gold for that room.

But I was sadly lacking on any gold decor pieces – enter this magazine Christmas tree!

No special tools or techniques for this one – heck, you don’t even have to buy a magazine to use – this time 0f year has them being delivered to your house almost daily!

I didn’t want to part with this guy, but keeping it around had my wish list expanding (I LOVE Lands End), so it was time to save my credit card (and marriage).

Magazine trees - make a Christmas tree from old magazines

Take your magazine pages and fold from the top right corner until the top of the page is flush with the centre seam of the magazine.

Magazine trees - 2

Fold it down crisply,
Magazine trees - 3

Then repeat – take the new top/right edge of the page and bring it in to the centre seam and fold crisply.    (Don’t you just love that sweater!? – I’ll link it to the LandsEnd page so you can find it – just click the photo.   Warning: it’s $514 Cdn).

Magazine trees - 4

You can even do it a third time (as here) for a more narrow tree.

Fold the overhanging, lower edge of the page up into the triangle, or cut it with scissors.  I found folding it in gave the tree a bit more bottom weight, so it was more sturdy.

Magazine trees - 5

Plus, when I cut my edges, I was slightly ‘off’ – as you can see here.

Once you’ve folded all of the pages and cover of your magazine, staple the front and back cover together and fan out the pages so they are evenly distributed.

Magazine trees - 6

Set it out as-is, or add a bit of spray paint to match your decor.  The tree in the front is the one where I folded the pages three times, the wider ones in the back are where only folded over twice.

Magazine trees - 7

You don’t have to spray paint all the way in every page, it’s really only the outer edges that will be seen, so save yourself some time and some paint.

Magazine trees 2 - 3

I used my trees above my china cabinet to add some gold to my black, although I did do one tree in black, just for contrast.

Magazine trees 2 - 5

Alternatively, you could use them as a centrepiece or tablescape if you wanted.  Three seemed a bit sparse, so I’d add two more small ones, or perhaps some other filler in between to give it more volume and presence.

Magazine trees 2 - 7

I haven’t figured out how to cut magazines in half (height-wise) – a mitre saw maybe? – but once I do, I’ll let you know so you can make shorter and taller magazine trees for your decor.

Magazine trees 2 - 8

This project is a no-brainer and a great one to give to children to do.  It’s easy, no tools are required and they will have such a sense of accomplishment after adding a special piece to the family’s decor.

Magazine trees P

After the Holidays you can store them flat, or put them in the recycling and make fresh ones next year!

Have a great one!


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