Reminds me of the Air Supply song…. in fact I’m humming it in my head as I type “Making lo-ove out of nothing at all”

I miss Air Supply.  (I digress)

I have a new toy to share with you today and it’s something I think anyone that does any kind of paper crafting NEEDS.

An envelope maker!

Stampin Up envelope maker on packaging

This nifty little contraption makes any size envelope out of any type of paper.

The measurement board shows you what size of piece of paper is needed to make each size of envelope.

measurement table on envelope maker

I usually make greeting cards at 4.25″ by 5.5″ so I need to start with an 8″x 8″ piece of paper.

ANY paper.

Turns out magazine pages are roughly 8″ wide, so I cut down the length to 8″ as well and off I went…

Envelopes 04

To the right of the paper size on the board above you see a number – for this size envelope it reads 3.5.  Line up the edge of your paper with the measurement on the top ruler of the gadget.  The centre button is actually a double-sided punch.  Punch it once on this side (as shown) and it makes a nice notch in your paper for folding.  There is an angled groove on the board that you just run your scoring tool down (it comes with the board and is tucked into the side notch you see above when not in use).

Turn your paper 90 degrees, line up your score line with the little beige notch coming out of the punch and repeat.  Punch, score, rotate 90 degrees.

Envelopes 05


The other side of the double-sized punch rounds the corners, so once you have all of your scoring done, you just put each corner into the notch and punch.


Envelopes 06


That’s it!

You have an envelope!

It only took me 2 tries to get this down to a science.  It’s SO easy!


Envelopes 07


Fold and stick and you’re ready to mail!  Total time to make an envelope = less than a minute.

magazine envelope


Come on, what says “Love” more than an envelope covered in fresh corn slathered in butter?

What a great way to repurpose magazine pages before recycling!

Envelopes 09


What about out-dated calendars?

Envelopes made from old calendars

If you don’t want to go the recycling route and would rather use printer paper, or even better, patterned paper – you can decide whether you want your pattern on the inside or outside!

Envelopes made from patterned paper

This is not a sponsored post and I was not provided the Envelope Punch Board by Stampin’ Up! – it was a gadget I saw and had to have – and let me tell you, there is no buyer’s remorse here!

I have no idea what brilliant mind came up with this thing, but from now on all of my envelopes are going to be handmade.

You can find Stampin’ Up! Reps anywhere in the world, but if you want my Go-To-Gal – here is the link to Margaret’s Facebook page.

If you make cards and/or send cards – you really need to try this.

Envelopes ready for mailing




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