Grandin Road calls this a “mantle scarf”.
I’d call it a banner?  
Maybe a banner with a table runner attached?

Here’s the Hallowe’en decor I was trying to replicate:

image courtesy of Grandin Road

Only $57.33!

Or you could make the $2 version I attempted?

I’m going to try to make these instructions as clear as I can, but I have to be honest and say that I made this twice.  My first version was a total disaster – but since my material was $2 per metre (plus some scraps from my table runner project) – I decided to try one more time.

1.  Measure your mantle (or shelf) that you want this to sit on.
2. decide on the length of the dangly triangles you want.
3.  Once you know the length of the shelf/mantle and the length of the cones, you can do a bit of math and figure out the best-size of triangle to fit your space.

In my case, I wanted this to go above my dining room cabinet which was 54″ wide and 16″ deep.
I only wanted the cones to hang down about 16″, so my triangles came in at about 6″ wide.  Six inches because it made for an even number of triangles and because they were proportionate enough to not look like drool (they still looked like triangles).

4.  Cut out your triangles.  You’ll need two for each dangler.


5.  Right sides together, sew around three edges.  My hem is approximately 1/4″.  Leave the wide end of the triangle open.
6.  Once you have all of your triangles ready – turn them right sides out and press.

7.  Next, cut your runner portion.  It should be about a half-inch larger (on both sides) than the shelf you are planning to sit it on.  For me that meant my runner was 54.5″ by 16.5″.  You’ll need two of these pieces.

8.  Right side up, place the open end of your triangles along the edge of the runner.  I put one on each end, and then just kept dividing the remaining material in half and placing another until everything was spaced nicely.  Pin in place.

9.  Add a second row of triangles on top of the row you just placed – spacing the points mid-point between the points of the first row.  Make sure they are all perpendicular to each other.  (Does that makes sense?)  Pin in place.

10.  Sew along the edge of the runner where the base of your triangles are.  In this case, along the bottom edge of the photo.


Just to test out that I was moving in the right direction, I flipped the triangles over after they were sewn to the runner to make sure they looked okay.
Whew!  So far, so good.

11.  With all of your triangles on the runner (like when you sewed them into place), place your second runner piece on top – right sides together.  You’re trying to ‘capture’ all of the triangles inside.


12.  Sew a hem 1/4″ in all the way around the runner.  Be sure to capture all the wide ends of the triangles, but none of the points.  You may have to fold the triangles in half if you have longer ones so that you don’t accidentally sew over them.
Leave a small opening at one end of the runner for turning.

13.  Turn your runner and all the triangles out through the small opening and stitch closed.

Press and display!

My cabinet is a bit convex across the front, so getting it to hang smoothly required some heavier articles on top of it.

What do you think?
$2 for 1 metre of material and some scraps from another project and voila!

Perhaps not perfect – but there’s still a Christmas mantle scarf to come.  I’ll perfect my technique before then!


Have a great one!

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