Marbled Clay Trinket Dish

So I’m working away on my book and I was looking for another gift idea to add to the pages, when I came across this:

Marbled clay trinket dish - an easy craft that makes a great gift!

Yup, clay worms.

Great gift right?

Kidding, the tutorial was actually for clay ring/jewelry dishes – but since the tutorial is already out there on the world wide web, I couldn’t really repeat it in my book.

But the dishes are SO CUTE!

And the girls have so much clay lying around…

I had to try.

You’ll want to roll a few/several colours of polymer clay into worms (as above).  The larger the worms, the more of that colour will be in your dish.

Once you have a colour combination you like, twist all of your worms together like a candy cane.

Marbled clay dish - 2

Roll this giant worm until it is twice to three times the original length, then fold in half and roll the two halves together.

You can repeat again if you like, the more you roll the clay together, the more mixed the colours will be.  I did the “roll, fold in half, roll” thing 3 times.

Marbled clay dish - 3

Take your worm and make it into a ball, then roll it flat under a rolling pin.

This will really schmoodge the colours together.

Not satisfied?  Ball it again and roll it again until you have something you like.

You’ll want your clay to be at least 1/4″ thick to make a sturdy trinket dish.  Place a round bowl or circular shape over your clay and cut out.

Marbled clay dish - 4

Put your clay circle in an oven-proof dish in the shape you want your final dish to be.

Marbled clay dish - 6

Check the instructions on your polymer clay kit, but (roughly) you’ll want to bake at 250 degrees fahrenheit for about 15 minutes.

Once the dish has completely cooled, you can tap it out of your mold.

I used a bit of gold craft paint to detail the rim (the other gold inside the dish was a pleasant surprise – turns out the girls had a gold clay that only shines after cooking).

The clay won’t have a shine to it, and we’re going for an enamel look, so you’ll want to coat it with a gloss finish paint, varnish or spray paint.

Marbled clay dish 2 - 1

I did two light coats and look at them shine!

Marbled clay dish 2 - 2

So, while this won’t be in the Christmas book – you should definitely pin this and save it as a Christmas gift idea.

Marbled clay dish 2 - 3

Marbled clay trinket dish - enamel look, but made from polymer clay


Have a great one!


Too funny


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