Short post today – I mean, how much can you say about mashed potatoes?

When I met Hubby a “few” years ago, I invited him over for dinner.
I don’t have a large cooking repertoire, but I do have luck with roast beef – so that was the meal that evening.
(We’re talking crock-pot roast beef here – don’t be too impressed. lol)

With the beef I made mashed potatoes.  
As he ate his dinner and politely asked for seconds and thirds of the mashed potatoes I knew I had him!

What did I put in the mashed potatoes to close the deal?

Nope, no E or aphrodisiacs…  cream cheese!

Boil your potatoes as per usual – until they are so soft a fork stuck in them easily slides out.

boiled potatoes in a saucepan

In these photos I used 5 large potatoes – large for SW Ontario, perhaps medium in Idaho?

I add in about 1/3 of a brick of Philadelphia cream cheese and about 1/4 cup of butter.

boiled potatoes with a chunk of cream cheese and butter on top

Mash it all together and then whip with a hand mixer.
This mixer only ever comes out for mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes.  He’s our “potato pal” so to speak. 

potatoes under the mixer

During whipping I add in about 1/3 of a cup of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing – but the girls like the Kraft Three-Cheese Ranch as well.

Whip until smooth – adding in a skinch of milk if needed.

whipped mashed potatoes in saucepan with ranch dressing bottle beside

These taste scrumptious with or without gravy.

That’s it.  Just up the caloric content of your mashed potatoes to the nth degree, and your first date won’t be your last!

(I’m giggling as I type this.)  

Have a great one!

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