Last week we were away at a cottage in Inverhuron.  We were fortunate enough to have an incredible week of sunshine and surf – but Moms never pack for the “best-case-scenario”….

Nope, we pack for the “what ifs”, like “What if it rains?”, “What if the kids get sunburnt?”, “What if we’re trapped indoors for any period of time?”

You know me – my “What if” pack wasn’t going to be board games and cards.

Too boring.

Nope, I hit the Dollar store and stocked up on tape, paint, paint brushes and canvases for all of the kids, and check out what we created!

The kids used a paper tape – although I’d recommend a masking tape instead – and taped off sections of their canvas. (hence the “masked canvas” title)

Masked canvas for kids - great for rainy days at the cottage.

Then they painted inside the tape lines until the entire canvas was covered.

Masked canvas - 2


Remove the tape and check out your work!

Madison added a bit of extra detailing to her image with dots and stripes, and even a bit of shading here and there and check out the stunning result!

Masked canvas 2 - 2


I love this!

What I love even more is that she did it with only 4 colours – that child is brilliant! (MY side of the family)

Chloe was determined to use every colour possible – and I’d say she was right – this is so fun and vibrant!

Masked canvas 2 - 3

Jeannie decided to go ‘pioneer’ and create her own masterpiece with a handprint crab.  Don’t you just love that backwards “L”?!  SO adorable!

Masked canvas 2 - 4

Once the girls were finished with their masterpieces, we put them on display in the cottage windows so we could enjoy their talent and creativity all week.

Total cost for this project?

Everything was available at the Dollar Store – canvas was $2, paintbrushes $1 and paint $1.25 each – and we barely made a dent in the paint stash, so you’ll see a few more projects coming up where these supplies were put to use again.

Masked Canvas - kids craft for the cottage or for a rainy day.

Masked Canvas - crafts for kids on a dime


Sure we missed a bit of sun painting indoors, but we’ll now have these masterpieces to bring sunshine to every day!

More cottage crafts to come!

Have a great one!

Too True!