I hate Grade 3.
I’m pretty sure I hated it the first time round, but I REALLY hate it this time round.

Grade 1 we were to read to our kids and help them with words.
Grade 2, the kids were starting to read to us.
Grade 3 – suddenly Madison has homework and it’s all MATH.
Math that I can’t help her with because she’s learning it differently than I did.


Fortunately for me, for all of us really, Hubby is a math whiz and has the patience of a Saint so he handles the majority of Grade 3 math homework.

Maddie’s teacher told us that the most important thing at this point is that the girls are fluent in all combinations that add up to 10.
8 + 2
6 + 4
4 + 6
any and all combinations.

Well, this I can do…  and actually like to do because we learn it by playing games.

First up our dice game:

Everyone gets a pair of dice.
The roller yells out what they want the winning combo to be.  e.g. “Closest to 10!”  (without going over).
We all roll and the girls tell us who won.
Using the dice is especially helpful because it gives them a visual – something to actually count to determine the number.

Games that will make learning math FUN!

This next game Chloe brought home from school the other day and I love it, so I had to share;

Essentially, it’s “Go Fish”.
Everyone is dealt 8 cards.
Everyone places down whatever pairs they have that total 10.

From there, you take turns asking for the card you’re missing to make another 10 combination.
If they have the card, they give it to you.  If they don’t, you take one from the centre pile.
The winner has the most pairs once someone runs out.

Games that will make learning math FUN!

Again, the cards show both the number (figure) and the number of dots corresponding to that number – so the kids can easily count out what they need.

Chloe is a rockstar at this game!

Finally, we play blackjack…
a version of blackjack anyways.
Everyone is dealt one card, face up, and they determine whether they want to “hit” or “stay”.

Games that will make learning math FUN!

Chloe has her Vegas hand signals all perfected.
Closest to 10 without going over wins.
This game also helps them with rounding.  They learn what their chances are of hitting 10 without going over by determining how close 8 is to 10.

Tell me math homework was ever this much fun?

Games that will make learning math FUN!

Even Lacey gets in on the action because the winner is usually so giddy they run over and give her hugs. 

Games that will make learning math FUN!


  Heaven help us when we get to fractions!

One more idea I want to share on the blog:  Great gift ideas
As I come across ideas that are worth considering I’ll post them here between now and the Holidays.

First up:

This one is a favourite of mine – to give and to receive!
A cozy new throw blanket and a good book .  Costco sells fantastic blankets for about $15 (Cdn) and novels can range from $10 – $30 depending on whether you buy paperback or hardcover.
This gift comes in at around $25 and is fantastic for friends (add a bottle of wine or a specialty tea), teachers, Moms, coaches and might be particularly appreciated if you have older relatives that aren’t able to get around as much come winter.

Have a great one!

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