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As part of my Pink Ink program, I was referred to Jane “The Bra Lady” for a proper bra fitting.

She’s quite famous (infamous?) around this area.
(Best Health magazine featured her this month!)

I always knew that I wasn’t buying the right size, but I went for nipple coverage (don’t you hate it when men stare?  Hello – it is NOT a sign of being turned on!), a colour that would go under most clothes, a little push-up to battle gravity… and an approximate fit.

I knew I should be properly fitted by a professional that wasn’t employed at a Victoria’s Secret store…
but, like most things after children, other priorities made finding any time for me a precious commodity and money for bra shopping rarer still.

This is why you should change that;
Your health.
Your comfort.
Your confidence and
to keep those puppies looking good long into old age!

But you’ve got to start with a proper fitting.

“What many women don’t realize is that wearing a properly fitted bra not only makes you look good, it keeps your breasts healthy.  Since the breast itself has no muscles, over time gravity slowly pulls the tissue downward, resulting in sagging.  All breasts eventually give in to gravity, regardless of their size, but clinical experience shows that women who have always worn a good bra do not lose their breast shape so readily.”

Here you can see three different bras on.
Nothing’s changed with the ta-ta’s – they’re the same mass in each photo – but what has changed is how the tissue is being directed.

See the pink arrow?  That’s breast tissue under your armpit. In this case it is being smushed and squeezed out to the sides.
In the third photo you can see that that fat glob isn’t there anymore, but that they still have the same uplift.  
Bras two and three have no underwire!

As Jane demonstrated – you want to ‘train your dragons’ to be in front and not oozing out the sides or over the top of your bra.
The proper bra will also alleviate those back breasts that confuse people as to whether you’re coming or going.

Hallelujiah sister!

“A poorly fitting bra that gives little or no support, redirects the breast tissue and impedes circulation and lymphatic drainage.  This can interfere directly with the cellular health of the breasts.”

My fitting today took a solid 30 minutes.  I was measured by a professional and then I tried on various brands….
One brand has over 200 sizes!  (subtle gradations to give you a perfect fit.)

With Jane’s expertise I learned that in one brand I’m a 36FF, in another a 38D and in another a 38C.

The chicklets at mall lingerie stores will only give you one size and you are left assuming that it is a universal size across all bra lines.

Not so my friends, not so.

Did you know that your breasts will change approximately 7 times throughout your life?  Obviously the cute little numbers from your 20’s have long since gone with breastfeeding, but there are other changes that will occur as well throughout your life that will require you to be re-fit.

Now I know you’re thinking – “but proper bras aren’t cute”.
Sure, you’re not going to have chin resting cleavage, but don’t be fooled…

just check out the little cheetah number Jane’s sporting!

“A properly fitted bra should not ride up in the back or move around on the body.  Straps should not stretch or pull, nor should they cut in or cause bruising.  The breast should not protrude from around the cup, or fall out from underneath.  Most importantly, if your breasts bounce when you jump up and down in place, you definitely need a more supportive bra.”

If Hubby is against spending money on a new bra or two – try the jump test in front of him and state your case.
Worst case the blood flow may suddenly detour from his upper brain and he will be more likely to acquiesce.

This is NOT a sponsored post.  This is being shared in the hopes that you will take care of yourself and find a professional in your area to help you look and feel your best.

If you do want to meet with Jane – she can be reached at

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Have a great one!

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