I’ve been itching to try out a melted crayon craft for some time now – I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to do it?

After cleaning out my cupboards the other day I found several vases that I really have no use for – and in this case – don’t even like:

Melted crayon art - transforming a vase

so it seemed like as good a victim time as any to see how it worked.

I had the girls select out the colours of the crayons they were willing to sacrifice and I used a heat embossing gun to test it out.

First by holding the crayon over the vase and letting it drip:

Melting crayons over a vase

The blower on the heat gun is small, but it really smudged the wax around (and made a mess).  I’m not quite sure how those others on Pinterest have managed to keep the wax under control using a hair dryer?  My assumption would be that the heat gun would have far less spatter?

Let’s try a different method – line up the crayons and lay them across the bottom of the vase:

Melting crayons over a vase

Still a lot of melting smudge, but I like the look of this more, so I repeated it on all four sides.

Crayon coated vase

The glitter you see in the melting came from a couple of glitter crayons that made the cut.  You know me and glitter – I’m thinking I should have snuck a few more of those crayons in.

I haven’t added flowers to it yet, but it’s certainly a lot more decorative and appealing than the ugly green it was before.

Melted crayon art 6

This would only be suitable for decoration or for flowers – you DON’T want to put a candle in here or the wax will destroy your furniture.

I’m going to guess that displaying it in direct sunlight will have a similar effect.

Adding melted crayon to create home decor pieces


This needs some bright gerberas don’t you think?

Have a great one!

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