My family absolutely LOVES Lisa’s Oreo truffles.  I’ve made quite a few batches now, and they are devoured in a matter of hours.

In all the batches I’ve made so far, I have yet to get the chocolate coating right.

First time I tried just melting Chipits and dunking the balls in.  The chocolate was too thick and the balls didn’t come out with the nice smooth finish I’d hoped.

Second time, I added a bit of canola oil to the melting chocolate – the chocolate was too runny.  This is great for chocolate fountains, but does not work well for cake pop/truffle coating.

The girls decided they wanted to bring Oreo truffles as their class treats for Valentine’s Day, so I had to up my game and figure out how to melt the chocolate properly to get a nice smooth finish on the balls.

I’ve just about got it, so I thought I’d share:

First up, get your water boiling in a large saucepan and use a mixing bowl over top.  (this worked better than the double boiler I’d used previously).


mixing bowl over a sauce pan acting as a double boiler


Next up, and this will depend on the chocolate you use – add some vegetable shortening (Crisco in my case).  I added 1 tbsp per 3 cups of Merken’s chocolate, but found that 1tbsp worked better with 4 cups.

Chocolate for cake pops 04


Let the shortening melt until completely clear.

Once it’s completely melted turn your burner off.

Add your chocolate wafers and agitate until melted.

Chocolate for cake pops 02


See, I thought it was the heat that melted the chocolate, but really it’s the residual heat combined with the stirring that really melts them.  Turning the burner off will help ensure that your chocolate doesn’t burn or divide, but it will still melt quickly and be of the correct consistency for dipping.

Chocolate for cake pops 07

This is a tad runny, but you get the gist.

Drop your truffle balls, or dip your cake pops into the chocolate and set on parchment paper to cool.

You can see the dark of the truffles through the chocolate here, but when I tried my second batch (1tbsp per 4 cups chocolate), it worked much better.

Chocolate for cake pops 08

Chocolate for cake pops 09


I tried to get a bit fancy and did a light drizzle over top.

This is what 120 Oreo truffles looks like.  (50 pink 70 dark)

And this is what a happy little girl looks like while she’s putting her class treats together:

Chocolate for cake pops 13


Chocolate for cake pops 11


Three hours, 120 Oreo truffles, 50 class Valentine’s and a very sugar-buzzed Mommy.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


Joke:  "Patience: What parent's have when there are witnesses"



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