Michael’s Craft Classes

I give Michael’s a hard time, I know I do, but they do have some things that I can’t complain about –
In particular their “Kid’s Club“.
It runs every Saturday all year long and is usually just $2 per child.

I’m pretty sure it’s a loss leader to get Mom’s into the store shopping – and it works – but the kids really do enjoy puttering away with supplies we don’t have at home.

This past weekend it was the Annual Great Pumpkin Event.  ($6 instead of the usual $2)

Their programs are always drop-in, so you can decide same day if the kids are behaving well-enough to attend – also known as ‘incentive’. lol

Michael's craft classes - Pumpkin decor

In the background you may notice relaxed Mom’s sipping Starbucks.  That’s how great these classes are; the kids are so consumed creating that they aren’t arguing or running around the store asking for things.

Michael's craft classes - Pumpkin decor
Michael's craft classes - Pumpkin decor

I especially love that – with the exception of the pumpkin – all of the materials they use are included!
Better still, someone else to clean up the mess is included!

Michael's craft classes - Pumpkin decor
Michael's craft classes - Pumpkin decor

 The start of a cat?  Bat?  Rat?

Michael's craft classes - Pumpkin decor

This one looked a lot like Olaf to me.

Michael's craft classes - Pumpkin decor

Then set on display to dry.
They were so proud of themselves, and because these are styrofoam pumpkins, we’ll (the Moms) be able to keep these for Hallowe’en each year and reminisce about that single day that we were able to drink a tea – while still hot – while our kids crafted quietly.

Michael's craft classes - Pumpkin decor

I’d say it’s a hit with them too.

Michael's craft classes - Pumpkin decor

This is the upcoming schedule for the remainder of October:

Click here to go to Michael’s website

(Please check your own store listings to confirm)

I have to tell you, the in-store write-up (in our area) for the October 25th Kid’s Club has my girls all excited…  they’ll be making a duck tape tote bag, go trick-or-treating in the store AND get their faces painted (all within the $2!)

Hopefully we’ll see you there!

(Note:  this is not a sponsored post.  We just enjoy this program and wanted to share)

Have a great one!

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