With all of the excitement around here lately, I haven’t had much time to sit down and create anything.

It’s a painful detox for me, complete with twitches and cravings and violent mood swings.

I need to make SOMETHING!

So I opted for a “Quick and Easy”.

I’ve been saving our milk tags all year.
Well, it feels like all year anyways.

Some I used to organize our cord collection.

But the real plan for them was to make snowmen;

You could use paint, but I want to use them to make treats for the girls classrooms.

I don’t have the time, or energy, to make 80+ painted tags.
Sharpies work just as well in one-tenth of the time. 

Some rosy cheeks, a carrot nose and two dots for eyes and you’re done!

The idea is that you’d get a little bag of cookies or treats and then use these tags to close the bag.

If you wanted to make it fancier, you could add a little paper toque (winter hat for you non-Canadians) and/or a scarf hanging off of the side.

What about googly eyes?

Add a little black around the edges to make little penguins.
Too cute.

Chloe even got in on the action – a few penguins, a few snowmen and a creeper (from MineCraft)


These are flavoured teas I’m sharing with a tea-loving neighbour.
(I love to trade flavours!)   

Have a great one!

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