My Dad is going to love this post…

I want a new sofa.
Actually, I want a sectional and two chairs to go with it – which means I’ll probably need a new coffee table and side tables as well.

In fairness, I bought my existing sofa and loveseat when I was about 23 – so it is 18 years old.
It still looks good and is uber-comfy except that the springs in it are gone.
Anyone sitting in it sinks right down and if they want to use the arm rest, they’ll find their elbow very nearly at ear height.
I’ve bought the sofa saver plates that are supposed to give more support – but they’re really more for sagging cushions and don’t do anything for crushed springs.

So it’s time.
Yeah, I wish it were that easy.

Since I only work part-time, and the blog isn’t generating a living (yet) – cash isn’t that easily expendable.

We prioritize the basic necessities and the girls extra-curricular activities, and everything else goes on a “wish list”.

Problem is, the wish list rarely comes to fruition because something else has come up.

This time, I’m going to try another tactic;

A money jar!

There’s two ways you can do this (actually, there’s probably a million, but I’m only going to post printables for two)
Save $1 the first week and add $1 to that total every week for a year.
At the end of the year you will have saved $1,378.

I decided to go another route and put away $25 per week.  You will have $1,300 at the end of the year – but it made more sense to me than scrambling come Christmas to put away $49, $50, $51 per week.

All you need is a jar and a printout of the weeks of the year. I’ve come up with some free printables you can use – Vacation Fund, Rainy Day Fund and Christmas Fund. 
(see below)

Print it off and attach it to a jar.

I’ve left room for you to check off each week as you deposit into it.

I probably should have thought of this back in January, but there’s no rule saying your year has to be a calendar one.
You could go from today to a year from now.

You can see I’m off to a running start. lol

Now if I was smart, I’d cut a slit in the lid and then crazy glue it onto the jar so that temptation doesn’t strike.

I know $1,300 won’t be enough to cover a sectional – but it will be $1,300 closer than I am today.

Yeah, I’d better glue it – I’m way too impulsive to have access.

printable pdf

printable pdf

printable pdf

printable pdf

Have a great one!

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