I have to share something that came around to me via Facebook;
It is an absolutely GENIUS idea that you can use to impress your Mom on Mother’s Day….

A journal instead of a Mother’s Day card!

The idea came from Baby Gizmo – and you can see the entire post here.

Basically, her husband purchased a cute journal and each year he puts in the kids’ photos and each child writes a note to her for Mother’s Day.


How many of you keep your Mother’s Day cards?

How many of you would keep this?

When I saw how many of my friends “liked” it on Facebook, I knew I had to help my ladies out…

I picked up some journals at the Dollarama;


Then I added a little vinyl lettering to each (oh, and one for me too).


Then I took them around to a few of my friends’ husbands with a printout of the article on Baby Gizmo so that they knew what to do with this aphrodisiac I had just provided them with.

Ladies, this is because I love you and want you to be happy, and gentleman – you gotta give kudos to a wingman like this!

(Hubby, yours is on your desk)

Have a great one!