I have the brain of a hamster.  It runs here and there and the smallest thread will take me off-track and onto other subjects.  I can be daydreaming out the car window and Hubby will ask me what I’m thinking about and I’ll say “I forgot to send an invoice and I remember having a budgie as a kid”.

This is one of those, so bear with me.

The other day I received an e-mail called “Great Ideas for Mother’s Day”.  The article was out of the US and included 20 or so different subscription boxes (you know, the kind that come to you once per month and you don’t know what’s inside until you get them).  There were snack boxes, beauty boxes, tea boxes, yoga boxes, lingerie boxes etc.

One or two appealed to me and I thought – “what a great idea to share!”  BUT, most of the boxes weren’t available outside of the U.S.

I found a Canadian Blogger that actually reviews subscription boxes and who had compiled a list of companies that would ship internationally.  Wahoo!  I got in touch with her and asked if she would compile a listing of her top suggestions for Mother’s Day for me…. but because this was an article she was planning on doing herself, it didn’t work out.  She did however, give me permission to share her site so that you can have a listing of companies (for Moms, Dads, dogs, kids etc).

Okay, I can do some research and find subscription boxes to share with you.

I could probably even create a Mother’s Day box with things I like, which might be even better than the subscription boxes.

I will create my own box.. better yet, a bag (because totes always come in handy), for Mother’s Day!

Off I went and just look at the goodies I found for Mother’s Day gift ideas!

(click any of the images for links to purchase)

Giant teacup - Spring flowers

This is SO pretty, and I almost didn’t get it at first…  I thought it was a tiny, dainty little teacup; the ones that look pretty on display, but don’t really hold enough of anything to get you through a morning.

But look:

Tea cup

It’s pretty and big – almost cappuccino sized!

No point giving someone a cup without a treat to go with it right?

I happen to know that my Moms (Mom, Mother-in-Law, Step Mom and Pseudo Mom) each have a sweet tooth:

Shortbread cookies


Now if it were me getting this gift (hint, hint Hubs), I’d need something to relax and enjoy my tea and cookies with:

Lost & Found - heartwarming and humorous

I haven’t read this book myself, but the lady that helped me said it was humorous and heart-warming – and because it’s an “Indigo pick” if any of my Moms don’t like it, they can return it – even after they’ve read the entire thing.

I also included a leather journal with the words “Be Happy” embossed on the front.  I put a note with their gifts asking that they write down one thing each day that made them happy.  Anything from a lotto win, to a budding flower – it’s therapeutic and really builds an awareness of everything we have to be grateful for.  I want this peace and joy for them.  (To alleviate “parking spots” Mom).

Be Happy leather journal


Then all of my Mother’s Day gift ideas were bundled in a cute Spring tote:

Spring tote bag

One delivered, three to go:

Mother's Day gift ideas - wrapped in a tote bag

I apologize to my Moms – this isn’t going to be much of a surprise –  I was just so excited, I had to share so others could get in on the action.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 10.59.10 AM


I should be creating and selling “Mom Boxes”!

Fair enough – maybe these Mother’s Day gift ideas are just my taste.

All this stemmed from an e-mail on subscription boxes – I told you my brain is all over the place.

Gotta go build a mini greenhouse now…

Squirrel!  (from the movie “Up”?)


Have a great one!

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