This post is going to come across as selfish and ungrateful and unappreciative…
I’m sorry.

I love handmade gifts from my kids. I love their art, their schoolwork and everything they create with their own two little hands.

I save it all.

Having said that, I did notice a discrepancy when researching Mother’s Day gifts versus Father’s Day gifts.

Seems Dads get the better end of the gift deal. Barbecue tools, chocolate bar bouquets, golf clubs etc.

Mom’s get handprints and coupon books that – if we’re really honest – never really get redeemed for that “day off” or “breakfast in bed” because then there’d be twice the work for us the next day, which wouldn’t be happening with some Ioffer Gucci (I imagine so anyway!).

So, I’m going to selfishly put my real Mother’s Day wish list out there. Just so you other Mom’s won’t have to feel alone in wishing for a little more, and so you Dads can have something ‘really good’ to impress your wife with

Pottery Barn “Gemma” organic duvet cover and sham (and coordinating sheets of course) with these comes the mandated trial period of at least one movie’s worth of quality control – alone. (and not a Disney movie)

Garnet Hill Asian wrap, cap sleeve ‘green cotton’ pyjamas.
I don’t really care that they’re organic, I just care that they look uber-comfy, and I have to be honest – I don’t own a pair of $68 pyjamas … I’m curious to see if they are worth it?

A Coach City Satchel in medium green.
Truthfully, you could get me a $5 purse if it looked like this one – I just like the shape and colour of it.

This isn’t a realistic wish as we have no where to put it – but someday I would love mirrored furniture.
Something that I didn’t have to make myself.

I love this outfit.
I have no idea where to buy it.
I have no idea where I’d wear it – but I love this outfit.
(I did find the skirt online for a discount price of $505 Cdn!)
Guess I’ll keep wishing.

This is a functional gift, which I usually frown upon for birthdays or Mother’s Day… but in this case I like to refinish furniture as a hobby – so this retractable extension cord wouldn’t count.

I don’t usually drink honey in my tea, but I’ll argue it’s because I don’t have a honey dispenser like this one.
I’m sure if I had this, I’d be all over that honey!

What can I say, I’m a sucker for design…
This is the most brilliant tea infuser I have ever seen!
Steep and stir in one!

I need these.
I’m getting hoarse for saying it all the time in my school parking lot – it would be so much easier to just hand out a business card.

This one is kind of a romantic notion – one I’m sure would end up costing more than my car – but I really would love it if my wedding dress was framed like this.

Another functional gift, but we have the actual recycling bins in our kitchen – so aesthetically, this would be much more appealing.
And maybe a cute small one for each of our bathrooms?

Now that mail costs $1 per letter to send, I don’t think I’ll be mailing much out… but if I did, I would definitely want one of these embossers to put my return address on it.

Does it count as a ‘gift’ if you feel you ‘need’ it?
Like a deep physical yearning kind of need?
Then it’s almost a medical necessity isn’t it?

I eat toast about as often as I put honey in my tea – but again, I have to argue that it’s because I don’t have a butter chopper like this one.
I just know that if I had a butter chopper, I’d be toast-crazy!

Perhaps a little bling would be nice.
Something subtle and delicate… so Hubby can save up for the big, shiny stuff for my anniversary. lol

There it is, in all it’s excess and greed… the behind the scenes working of a Mother’s mind.

I know that there isn’t much chance that any of these will find their way to my house for Mother’s Day.

To be honest, my smile will be just as big, and my love equally as profound with just a hug and a kiss and…

something for my garden.

Have a great one!