Have you heard of the Darwin Awards?

It’s a fake award given to people of the utmost stupidity.

Rewiring an outdoor junction box in the pouring rain, people checking to see if their gun is working by looking down the barrel.
The idea behind it is Darwin’s theory of evolution, or natural selection, where certain characteristics considered advantageous to the survival of the species are selected for when choosing a mate, and other non-advantageous ones eventually die out.

Here’s the link to the Darwin Awards page where:

The Darwin Awards salute the improvement of   the human genome by honoring those who   accidentally remove themselves from it

My entry?
Well, I’m still alive so I’m not actually eligible for consideration – but the stupidity of my act will leave you shaking your head.

I went to a shopping party the other evening.  At this party there were numerous vendors selling products and getting rid of stock at amazing prices.
I found a “steal of a deal” on a mandolin-type slicer that was overstock (and therefore not boxed).
I bought the item and said “No, I don’t need a bag” since I was carrying a large tote-purse.
I tucked the unpackaged slicer into my purse and continued shopping and putting other items in as well.

While driving home from the party, I reached into my purse to get a kleenex for my daughter.
One hand on the wheel and eyes on the road, I groped around in my bag trying to feel for the package.

At this point you know where this is going right?

Yup, I found the mandolin and sliced a section of my finger clean off!  (A small section, but a section nonetheless)

Problem two – I faint at the sight of blood.

I did my best to keep the car going straight, not panic my daughter and wrap the finger before my eyes saw anything.  I spoke to my car phone – don’t worry it’s hands free – and called Hubby.
“Babe, I’ve cut myself and I’m trying not to look.  Could you come home quickly, I don’t want Chloe to see me faint”

Now how many people do you know are capable (or even have the slightest probability) of cutting part of their finger off, by a mandolin slicer, that is in their PURSE, while driving.

Yup Darwin – this kind of stupidity should definitely be selected OUT of the gene pool.

One of the many “learned the hard way” posts on this blog.

No photos today – you really don’t want to see this. lol

Have a great one!