I was out enjoying the paint fumes, I mean sunshine and fresh air this past weekend trying to clear up a few more projects to get my 100Things2Do list down to 99 or 98.

I have several side tables, night stands, accent tables – smaller projects that I can turn out in a day or two including drying time, so I thought I’d get a few of those done.

First up, this tiny little table:

Poppy table 1

You can see on the leg that it was once a dark brown laminate – but I let the girls paint with me once in awhile – so its first makeover was done by Miss Chloe.

I have to sand almost all of the pieces down a fair bit before I can do my painting, so adding a coat or two of blue, pink and purple isn’t that much more work.  Plus, it’s nice to have them around when I’m working.

Poppy table 21

Because it had a laminate top and I’m assuming MDF underneath, I really couldn’t sand this one down too much – you don’t want to pull up the veneer or the whole thing is a write off.

Instead I used a paint and primer in one and did about 4 coats with a light sanding in between each.

The sanding was to smooth any lumps and bumps out and to give it a little more tack for the following coat.
There were still a couple of nick’s that I couldn’t quite hide with paint, so I decided to add a decal.
Poppy table 31

It’s just an adhesive vinyl decal so that I can sell it like this, or remove it and sell it as a plain table – or if people like the poppy, I can always sponge around/through the decal like a stencil and make it permanent with paint.

Poppy table 32

Isn’t it cute?

I’m thinking a glossy version of the same paint so that the poppy underneath would be a subtle matte version.

Not that Chloe’s initial rendition wasn’t much cuter.

Poppy table 33

I’ll show you the nightstands soon.

  Have a great one!

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