I’m going to start this by saying that I love this blog.
I love writing it, I love photo editing, I LOVE creating the projects that I post and I love that it’s growing at such an incredible rate…
Blogging isn’t as easy as just sitting down and writing a paragraph or two and then being done.

There are the projects that have to be completed, there is the photo editing that needs to be done, there are advertisers to solicit and there is a great deal of maintenance involved in sharing it through numerous social media sites.

Needless to say – I spend a LOT of time blogging.

I received this note from my 6 year old last week;

and I could feel my heart crack into pieces.

She quietly placed it in front of me while I was typing away.

Here I think and profess to blog because I love it and it allows me to spend time with my girls.

But I don’t.

Instead, I blog.  

With this note and the complete humiliation and disgrace I feel for letting the most important people in my life down – I need to ask for your assistance;

I need a work/life balance and I need some time management structure in place to make sure I never receive a note like this again.

My daughters need to innately know that they are first and foremost in my life.

Any suggestions, recommendations, referrals, anything?

If nothing else, stop for a moment and think about what you’re doing right now;  could should this be an opportunity to show them some love and attention?

It is for me.

Gotta go hug, tickle, wrestle, craft, swim and play with my babies – before my chance is gone.


On that note – Curiosity Box is offering their second give-away  today!
This is a great spring activity box that you can share with your kids, grandkids, nieces and/or nephews.

The “Discover Nature and Bugs” box!

(open to Canadian residents only – sorry)

AND – if you haven’t seen this already – go check out Curiosity Box on Pinterest – they have ideas that will take you well beyond summer vacation!

Have a great one!