Last week I showed you how I made over Hubby’s sanctuary.
Or at least it’s a sanctuary now.

Since he didn’t kill me and I’m still blogging, I thought I’d show you my little piece of the house;

My “studio”.

I have another hobby, besides refinishing furniture, organizing, sewing, blogging and painting anything that stands still…

I make cards.

Or rather I plagiarize amazing cards that I find online and this is my studio.

The desk is from Ikea:


I took the top off and replaced it with a long counter that I refinished to look like faux-granite.  (see the tutorial I posted last week.)

I tucked a little Helmer unit underneath.

The back wall houses all of my paper, stamps and cutting supplies.

When we finished the basement we had planned for this to be a spare bedroom since we didn’t have one, but we so rarely have guests that stay over, it seemed a waste of space.

So I took it over.

Hubby did a board and batton treatment for me to help lighten the room up.

The wall you can’t see is actually just two tall bookshelves with a double french door between.  It looks into the girls’ playroom.
This way I don’t have to feel guilty that I’m holed away somewhere and not keeping an eye on them.

If you have kids and you’ve seen the movie “Finding Nemo”, you’ll be able to imagine my ‘seagull enunciation’ of this:

Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine!
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  Have a great one!