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I know, I’ve already posted a barrage of Christmas trees, but I didn’t post MY tree.

This tree is all mine – no sharing, no touching, no re-arranging – MINE!

It’s just a small tree in an urn – meant to be a front porch topiary – but it’s the perfect size for my bedroom.

The reason for my Scrooge-itude?

This is my special tree.

On it I have photos of the girls – every year from birth to today.

It’s a tradition I’ve set up.

Each year I buy 6 photo ornaments. 
I put a photo of each girl in the ornaments and then I give a set to my Mom, to my Mother-in-Law and I keep a set for MY tree.

It’s a custom I’ve forced on our parents, but for me, the end goal is a giant tree full of their little faces as they grow through the years. 

Right now, that amounts to 12 ornaments – but someday I’ll have a 12 foot tree covered with images from their lives.  

Then I’ll add grand-babies!

I’ve got big plans for my little Charlie Brown tree.

(photos that could stand to be dusted – sorry about that)

The other reason I don’t share my tree, is that it holds another tradition on it;

 The annual Swarovski crystal ornament.

 It’s not just that these ornaments are exquisite, and fragile…

It’s that my Mom has bought me one snowflake every single year since I was 25.  (and even earlier I think?)

The earliest date I could find when I just looked was 1998. 

That’s at least 14 years of this treasured tradition.

Another dear friend has added to this by giving me the smaller crystal snowflake each year for Christmas.

This is a tree that holds my true Christmas – 

that of family, friendship, love and remembrance.

And my favourite thing to do is to shut the lights off, snuggle under a blanket and just watch it glow.

Maybe someday I’ll share

maybe not.

Have a great one!