I can’t believe I haven’t shown my necklace organizer on the blog yet? You all know that I have way too much jewelry to know what to do with so I had to find a way to organize it all! My friend told me that you can get cash for your rings and diamonds so I might need to have a clear out soon!

Oh, and by the way, I’ve searched and searched and I can’t find a photo of my shower rings.

They were great – especially with wire closet shelves – you could get a half dozen rings for a dollar and then hang them from your shelves with a necklace in them. It’s great for displaying my name necklace.

Better still, you could take the shower ring and loop it over your coat hanger and have the necklace right with the outfit you were planning to wear. If you’re a necklace lover, check out a Custom Name Necklace.

Then I saw this:

and I wanted to make one so badly.

Yesterday, Tammy from Park Lane Jewelry dropped off my “loot” from a home party I hosted a couple of weeks ago. Check out the bling ladies!

So it was time to get building….

but I passed HomeSense…

and was compelled by a force stronger than myself to go inside….

where I found this:

Which holds 26 necklaces and will easily hang in my closet.

Which really is just a pant hanger with an extra line of coiled wire above it.

Maybe I could make one – but not for $7.99.

So I forwent the beautiful doorknob display – which would have cost approximately $36 if I bought pretty knobs and re-used an old frame – for my handy-dandy $7.99 version.

Okay, slacking for a DIYer on a DIY blog – but sometimes you have to factor time, effort and price into a project.

I couldn’t find my exact version online, but these are a very similar idea if you’re looking.

I’m off to mow the lawn with far too much jewelry on! lol

Have a great one!

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