In an effort to get the name of this blog out to the world, I’ve been attending a lot of networking events of late.

While you might not guess that I’m an introvert – I am – so attending these meetings/luncheons has been really eye-opening.

I had no idea how many entrepreneurs there were locally.
I wrongly assumed that most of the businesses around here were franchised out of the US or someplace.  (I know – franchise owners are entrepreneurs as well).

Still, I’ve met at least 100 people in various fields and offering both products and services that I’d like to keep track of –
If not for advertising purposes, then at least for me for when I “need” what they sell.


This means I have a purse FULL of business cards.

I needed some way to keep track of all of these cards and make notes on anyone that I’ve worked with, or would like to, or even just to jot a note about their business.

Enter my binder solution:

I know, a binder is ridiculous for business cards right?

Not if it’s a cute mini-binder that is exactly business card sized!
(Forgive the paint on the manicure – I just put my hand in the shot so you could get an idea of size.)

I slipped a couple of my business cards in the front cover sleeve so I have them handy to give out, then I punched all of the cards I’ve received and put them inside.
On the back of some, I’ve put a small sticky with notes on the business that I’d like to remember.

Small, contained, alphabetical and portable.
I can carry it in my purse and it only takes up 3″ of space.

Thank you Staples for carrying these little guys.

They’re so cute, I’m wondering if I have anything else this small that could use its own little binder organizer?

Have a great one!

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