I took a couple of days off over the Holidays and didn’t put up any new blog content… but the blog kept going.

Even without posting a single word – the blog saw over 2,000 page views each day!

I was thrilled of course, but very curious as to what it was that was attracting people so I took a look at my stats and saw that a certain Pinterest pin was driving at least half of that number.

Well, I can’t pin the same image twice, so I thought I’d give this little gem a new look, and maybe a couple of new ideas, and re-post:

I give you – 100 New Year’s Resolutions!

chalkboard list of 100 New Year's Resolution ideas

The chalkboard motif seemed appropriate – solid enough to seem plausible, but transient enough to erase. lol

Try one, try a few, aim to do them all!

Happy New Year friends!

Have a great one!

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