It’s strange, in trying to build traffic for the blog I have to be aware of language differences…. I can’t use “watercolour” and expect any Americans to find the post in a search.  If I were to show a tutorial on a fleece “toque” no one except Canadians would ever Google that word.

This one is the same – I would call this a nightstand, but when I search Pinterest, I see far more labelled “bedside tables”.

To me, a side table would be found in a family room next to a sofa or chair, and a nightstand is found next to the bed…. but what do I know?  I’ve labelled it both so hopefully everyone will be able to find it.   #bordet or #nattbord?

Remember the gorgeous antique I made over for my friend Lisa?

Well, her husband had an antique piece that was passed down in his family as well, and they decided that (since I didn’t f*ck up the first one) I should refinish this one to match and create a set.

Nightstand / Bedside table makeover - antique to elegant

It needed a bit of love.

Love and hugs of the sandpaper variety.

Lisas Nightstand 1 - 2

I’m going to hazard a guess and say that this piece was handmade years and years ago.  The wood seems to have been selected out to give the most grain and impact.

Lisas Nightstand 1 - 3

Ideally, you want to save all of that character, but smooth out the rough edges so to speak.

Pre-stain wood conditioner, Minwax dark walnut (2 coats) and triple-thick varnish and look!

Lisas Nightstand 2 - 1

No scuffs, nicks, dents or scrapes.

Just smooth wood with a nice, shiny finish.

Lisas Nightstand 2 - 2

I don’t have a final photo with the new hardware on it, but you get the idea.

Lisas Nightstand 2 - 3

Lisas nightstand P


Have a great one!


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