I’m feeling pumpkin’d out.  Are you?

Every blog I subscribe to, everyone I follow on Instagram, even my Pinterest wall is covered with pumpkins.

Mainly white pumpkins, some green,  a few black and oodles of orange.

As much as I don’t want to contribute to this pumpkin-palooza – I do have a project that is SO easy and super cute I had to share.

If you can handle one more pumpkin project, this is the one…

You will need:

  • An old sweater – I found one of Hubby’s that I shrunk awhile ago and had it hidden away in my sewing cabinet hoping he didn’t notice it missing.
  • Floral wire and cutters
  • Pillow stuffing
  • Embroidery thread and a needle
  • Coloured felt
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Twine

Start by cutting the sleeves off of your sweater.  You can make short, stubby pumpkins with a small section, or tall, narrow pumpkins with a longer section.  Start with your sleeve inside out.

No-sew sweater pumpkin

Using a length of floral wire, gather the bottom of your sleeve into a tight ball and tie it tight.  Turn your sleeve right-side-out out so that the gathered section is inside of the sleeve.

No-sew sweater pumpkins

Stuff the sleeve FULL with pillow stuffing and use another length of floral wire to gather and tie off the end.  This gathered section will be on the outside and will end up being the stem.

Now, I know I titled this “No-sew”, so this is a bit of a lie.  We are not sewing with a sewing machine, but there is a bit of needlework in creating the sections of the pumpkins.

Knot your embroidery thread and sew it through the stem.  Wrap the thread all the way around the pumpkin and back through the stem again, pulling tight to create the grooves.  Repeat twice more to create a total of 6 sections on your pumpkin.  Tie the thread off with a knot.

No-sew sweater pumpkin

Not really sewing, more “wrapping” really.

Cut out some leaf shapes from your coloured felt.  This part is optional – you can hot glue your leaves to your pumpkins as they are, or you can do a bit of additional sewing and add a contrasting colour with embroidery thread.

I don’t like hand-sewing, but I think you’ll agree it was worth it.

Sweater pumpkins 4

My first leaves were all over the board with stitch length (the ones on the left), but then I marked two lines on my index finger and lined up my stitches with the marks and the second set of leaves (on the right) have much better length and spacing.

Hot glue your leaves to your pumpkins.

Using a bit of hot glue, start your twine at the base of the pumpkin’s stem.  Continue wrapping up the stem until you reach the top and hot glue the end in place.

No-sew sweater pumpkins

Come on, admit it – even if you’re as pumpkin’d out as I am, these are pretty darn cut right?

Upcycled decor – I love it!

No-sew sweater pumpkins

I’ll try to refrain from posting any other pumpkin projects.

No guarantees, but I’ll try.

Have a great one!


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