One more Mother’s Day idea…

Okay two, but I’m going to make you look like a rockstar!

My gals at Pink Ink have a contest coming up called “The Face of Pink Ink 2014“.

It’s not the contest so much that I’m endorsing (although I am a sponsor!) it’s the experience that you could give to your Mom, wife, sister or bestie.

Let me break it down for you:

You nominate an amazing woman in your life by submitting a letter to  (there is a $99 fee – but wait till you see what that gets them!)

Pink Ink (or I) will then forward your nomination on to your nominee to let them know exactly how wonderful you think they are and to let them know what’s in store:

  • The nominee will get their hair professionally styled.
  • They will have their make-up professionally applied
  • They be dressed by professional stylists 
  • They will be photographed in all their glory by a professional photographer who will give them a digital copy of their favourite image from the photo shoot.
  • They will also receive a swag bag of goodies from some of the other sponsors of the event.

So that’s the “What everyone gets” portion of the contest.

Tell me that doesn’t sound like an amazing gift for someone special?

There is no way you could ever get all of this ANYWHERE for $99!

Check out last year’s winners:

I’m thinking of entering just for the glam session!  (Obviously I can’t win – don’t worry).

Now for the contest portion of the event:

  • The contest runs until September 2014 and there will be specific dates set up for the styling, photography etc in each area of Ontario.
  • There are three age groups to the contest (so three winners!)  Ages 16 – 24, ages 25 – 40 and ages 41+

Winners will receive;

  • Professional photoshoot with Angelic Images Photography featuring two different looks; professional and glamour.
  • An 8×10 print of your favourite shot
  • A blog article featuring YOU on the Pink Ink blog
  • A blog article featuring YOU on 100Things2Do blog
  • A feature in the Pink Ink cosmetics e-catalogue
  • An opportunity to be a presenter at the end-of-year fundraiser for Single Women in Motherhood (S.W.I.M.)
  • Various photo shoots throughout the year of your reign with pics on various marketing materials for Pink Ink
  • An Empowerment and Marketing package from WIBusiness
  • A Marketing Magic package from WIBusiness
  • The opportunity to be a ‘Special Guest’ at a WIBusiness event
  • A prize package from Zipsessories
  • and so much more!

Show a Mom you know how much you love and appreciate them.

MOMinate them for the Face of Pink Ink 2014!

And the second thing?
Don’t forget the getaway weekend in Collingwood coming up on May 25th!

Only a few spaces left!  More information here.


 Have a great one!