North Pole Stocking Hanger – Easy DIY

I’ve been having fun with my Rockwell Bladerunner X2 lately, so I’ve got another (little) project to share with you…

my North Pole stocking hanger!

North Pole stocking hanger 2

My parents are hoarders had this post lying in their backyard from a fencing project they did ages ago.  Typically I write down whatever materials I need and then make a Home Depot run, but lately I’ve found that my parents have most of the wood and materials I need stocked away somewhere.  They’ve become my new Home Depot and while I reduce the size of their stash, they are increasing the size of my wallet.  It’s a win-win!

I cut the post down to be 44″ tall – tall enough to be a substantial post, but still low enough not to overwhelm the room.  (Note: I cut the post – which is a 4″x4″ with a mitre saw – it is too big for the Bladerunner X2)

Next, I grabbed some leftover 2″x6″ pieces I had in my scrap pile (my scrap pile has dwindled down to almost nothing!)  I cut them down to be 4.5″ wide.  I could have attached them to my post like this, but where’s the fun in that?  Nope, I wanted to play with my Bladerunner X2 and test it out on some thick lumber.  I drew a line free-hand as to the shape of the foot I wanted…

North Pole stocking hanger

and then whipped out 4 of them in minutes.  This saw can handle up to 1 3/4″ wood by just raising the guard and it cut through this like it was slicing paper.  I kind of wish I was a better artist so I could have drawn out something more elaborate to cut out.  I sanded each down to give it a polished look.

North Pole stocking hanger 3

I used my Kreg Jig to create pocket holes near the bottom of each leg and screwed in 2 1/2″ pocket screws.  I added another 3″ wood screw (pre-drilled into the leg on a slight angle) to give it some added strength.  Check for level after each leg so you don’t end up with a North Pole that points East.

North Pole stocking hanger 4

I’ve seen other “North Poles” painted in candy cane stripes, but I wanted something a bit less ‘loud’ so I opted for a CIL “Rapture” red (one coat) and then a gold craft paint for the stocking hanger topper.

North Pole stocking hanger 5

These were some inexpensive hooks I picked up at Ikea and she’s done!

North Pole stocking hanger 6

I know, you’re wondering why I don’t hang them on my mantle right?  Up until this year I have, but with my love for a warm and cozy fire, I’ve always had to bring them down and then put them back up again when the fire has cooled.  This way I can stash the stockings by the fireplace, by the tree, by the front door if I want – without a fuss.  Besides, look how cute it looks with presents tucked underneath it.  One particular gift looks especially awesome…

Thank you Rockwell Tools for my early Christmas gift – as you can tell I couldn’t wait to open it!

North Pole stocking hanger 7


Rockwell Tools Bladerunner X2 is available through, Lowes and Canadian Tire….  AND IT’S ON SALE!!!

Another Rockwell project coming up this weekend – proof that you can use this for anything!

Quick!  Get one for yourself and another as a rockstar gift for another DIYer in your life!


Have a great one!

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