I’ve been having fun with my Rockwell Bladerunner X2 lately, so I’ve got another (little) project to share with you…

my North Pole stocking hanger!

North Pole stocking hanger 2

My parents are hoarders had this post lying in their backyard from a fencing project they did ages ago.  Typically I write down whatever materials I need and then make a Home Depot run, but lately I’ve found that my parents have most of the wood and materials I need stocked away somewhere.  They’ve become my new Home Depot and while I reduce the size of their stash, they are increasing the size of my wallet.  It’s a win-win!

I cut the post down to be 44″ tall – tall enough to be a substantial post, but still low enough not to overwhelm the room.  (Note: I cut the post – which is a 4″x4″ with a mitre saw – it is too big for the Bladerunner X2)

Next, I grabbed some leftover 2″x6″ pieces I had in my scrap pile (my scrap pile has dwindled down to almost nothing!)  I cut them down to be 4.5″ wide.  I could have attached them to my post like this, but where’s the fun in that?  Nope, I wanted to play with my Bladerunner X2 and test it out on some thick lumber.  I drew a line free-hand as to the shape of the foot I wanted…

North Pole stocking hanger

and then whipped out 4 of them in minutes.  This saw can handle up to 1 3/4″ wood by just raising the guard and it cut through this like it was slicing paper.  I kind of wish I was a better artist so I could have drawn out something more elaborate to cut out.  I sanded each down to give it a polished look.

North Pole stocking hanger 3

I used my Kreg Jig to create pocket holes near the bottom of each leg and screwed in 2 1/2″ pocket screws.  I added another 3″ wood screw (pre-drilled into the leg on a slight angle) to give it some added strength.  Check for level after each leg so you don’t end up with a North Pole that points East.

North Pole stocking hanger 4

I’ve seen other “North Poles” painted in candy cane stripes, but I wanted something a bit less ‘loud’ so I opted for a CIL “Rapture” red (one coat) and then a gold craft paint for the stocking hanger topper.

North Pole stocking hanger 5

These were some inexpensive hooks I picked up at Ikea and she’s done!

North Pole stocking hanger 6

I know, you’re wondering why I don’t hang them on my mantle right?  Up until this year I have, but with my love for a warm and cozy fire, I’ve always had to bring them down and then put them back up again when the fire has cooled.  This way I can stash the stockings by the fireplace, by the tree, by the front door if I want – without a fuss.  Besides, look how cute it looks with presents tucked underneath it.  One particular gift looks especially awesome…

Thank you Rockwell Tools for my early Christmas gift – as you can tell I couldn’t wait to open it!

North Pole stocking hanger 7


Rockwell Tools Bladerunner X2 is available through Amazon.com, Lowes and Canadian Tire….  AND IT’S ON SALE!!!

Another Rockwell project coming up this weekend – proof that you can use this for anything!

Quick!  Get one for yourself and another as a rockstar gift for another DIYer in your life!


Have a great one!

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