Last month was crazy-busy and we haven’t even begun the chaos that is Christmas.

I thought I’d try out my Excel embedding tutorial again and give you a recap of everything I posted in November.  I was shocked at how many projects were accomplished (even if there was a ‘fail’) and I think I’m off to a running start for the December festivity.

IF this spreadsheet works, you should be able to click on any title to be taken directly to that post.  On the bottom of the page I’ve indicated the “top sellers” so to speak, of blog posts – those that generated a lot of interest last month.  Scroll side to side to see all of the posts for November – there was some good stuff.

Missed any of them?  Check them out now!

Forward this page on to your friends – maybe there’s something here that will interest them in becoming a new 100T2D follower!

Have a great one!