What pre-empted my tie-dye request of yesterday were these towels:

Beach/pool towels that we’ve had for years.
They’ve been used, abused, bleached and beaten – but they are still okay for the backyard pool.

I’m embarrassed to have anyone see them, but when it’s just us, they still do the job.

I thought I’d try to dye some colour back into them, so they looked more ‘intentional’.

Take a bottle of turquoise RIT Dye and have your cat mix in a cup of salt and some water.
(Seriously – what is he looking at???)

Put 1/3 of the towel in to soak for about 10 minutes.

Then the second third for 10 and finally the last section for 10.

I don’t know why I’m detailing what I did here – it clearly didn’t work?

To see them in person there is a very, VERY subtle gradation of the blue from the bottom to the top.
But no one except a wishful blogger would ever notice. 

I’d say epic fail except at least the bleach marks are gone?
Maybe you have to do this with three different blues?

This is what I was going for (from Domestic Duck)


Have a great one!