Since I brought up my garden tool storage solution yesterday, I have another little organizer that I had to share…

This one is all over Pinterest, so I can only take credit for implementing it at my home… not the idea itself.

Hubby coaches the girls’ soccer and has for a few years, PLUS he plays himself, so we have accumulated a lot of soccer balls.
A few pieces of scrap wood and a set of bungee cords from the Dollarama and you have storage for all of your (larger) balls.  
Our grand total for this project:  $2!
Everyone can easily remove their balls from the rack on the way out to the game/practice and put them away just as easily.
We’ve tucked it into the front corner of the garage in that little wasted spot next to the garage door.
A coat of paint would pretty it up – but casinoplay functionally it’s perfect!
Updated:  May 27th, 2014
This has been one of my most popular posts – so I thought I’d better “up it” a notch by actually showing you the finished project – paint and all:
The colour choice will make sense if you follow the blog and see what else in the garage is a “surf blue”.
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