All over blog-land I’ve seen posts on “Command Centres”… a place where families put all of their “To-Do’s” so that everyone knows who’s where when.

Generally these have been filing systems on the counter somewhere…
That wouldn’t work for us.  Our counter is the landing pad for everything else that needs to be put away.

I do have a calendar on the fridge, and I try to keep it up-to-date, but there’s just no room for details.

Overall, I agree with the concept of a command centre, but I needed to find one that would work for our family…

We tried using magnets to hold all of our bits of paper on the back of the front door…

but every time we slammed the door shut, the magnets would fall off and we’d come home to a mess in the front hallway.

The ideal would be a cork board – but how to attach it to the front door?  


Ah yes!  Wait until Hubby leaves for work and then get out the silicone caulking!

The end result:

With this system, we could:

  • See exactly which soccer field we were heading to and what colour team we were playing. 
  • Have all of our birthday invitations under each girl’s photo so I had directions as to where to take them. 
  • Check out Summer Camp information (for me to look into).
  • Have our library due list front and centre so I’d know what books we had out and what the return date was.

Everything was posted with staples so I didn’t have to worry about thumb tacks falling and someone skewering their foot.



Not real pretty.

The door was in rough shape anyways.  Kick prints, wreath hangers and general wear and tear were taking their toll.

So I thought I’d change it up a bit:

Benjamin Moore:  Black Bean Soup

Now if you’re thinking of doing this – beware!  Cork SOAKS up the paint and expands and distorts.
You’ll have to roll it on with an almost-dry roller.
BUT it looks pretty good doesn’t it?
The cork board isn’t as glaringly obvious.

Now to set up our “Command Centre”:

Lotto numbers and library due lists go at the top.
Priorities right? lol

Each girl had a ‘side’ designated to them as indicated by their photo.  Underneath I put events specific to them – birthday parties for instance.

Our soccer schedules I amalgamated together so that I only had to post one calendar.  This works well for us because Chloe plays on Tuesdays and Madison on Wednesdays.

I’m VERY pleased with this transformation!


As we walk out the door, I know exactly where I’m headed… which, as a general rule in my life, is rare.

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