We love crafts.
At least the girls and I do.
It’s something we can play together because I am NOT a Barbie girl.

But this is how our crafts are usually stored:

As you can see, I’ve tried to “containerize” the mess, but it still ends up looking like this…


So I’m going to go another route.
How about everything stored in one place…. one container…?

Chloë’s stoked!

Starting with the million-and-one playdough (Play-Doh) pieces at the bottom (for weight).

 Crayons, paper and adhesives closer to the top.

I love an organized drawer.

We put our craft caddy on top so that it’s all in one place, but easy enough to bring down and put on the desk for access while we’re creating.

Cross your fingers that this works!
Have a great one!