I’ve been waiting to do this repurpose since I originally saw it over a year ago.
Unfortunately, we don’t usually use Cascade tablets for the dishwasher and the brand we do use doesn’t sell their detergent in this perfect container.

Car garbage 1

This container is plastic and offers a click-close lid, so it’s absolutely PERFECT for a car garbage can!

It wouldn’t be air tight or I’d suggest it to store bird seed or other food items, but they’d go stale.

You don’t even have to do anything to the container other than add a plastic bag to line it.
Car garbage 2

Seriously, don’t do anything.  Spray paint will crack off, mod podge and paper will come unglued and get soggy and fabric will just get dirty.

This bad boy may not survive winter given the freezing cold temperatures and plastic’s tendency to become fragile in the cold…. but for now (until one of my kids steps on it) it’s perfect!

Car garbage 4

Large enough to hold more than a couple of coffee cups and wrappers, and small enough not to take up too much room.

Just wipe it down if you want to wash it, and it can sit in snowy, salty puddles all day long without breaking down.

Car garbage 3

This has got to be one of the easiest and most clever repurposing ideas I’ve seen.

Thank you Cascade – while you are not very environmentally conscious in your packaging – it is at least a functional container that can be re-used and saved from the landfill.

Car garbage 5

Hey!  This would make great Lego storage!  Or for crayons and paper?
Shoot, now I wish I had more so I could try out more options!

Have a great one!