Does your movie collection look like this?    


I’ll tell you an honest truth… if things are tidy, people will use them.  If they are like this, they won’t.

My kids make things look like this and then stop using it – until I clean it up again and then they love it.

It really is a form of Chinese water torture… for me anyways.

I saw a DVD binder on A Bowl Full of Lemons and thought the idea was brilliant…

WRONG!  Don’t do it!

Unless you have a very small DVD collection, the weight of the DVD’s in this type of 3-ring will pull the rings apart and then everything will fall out.

Trust me, I know this – that’s attempt number 1 in the above photo.

What you really need is a binder made for DVD/CD storage.  One that doesn’t have a central opening, but instead is a solid loop so nothing can fall out.

I found these on

See how the binding clip is solid?

I bought pages that would hold 4 DVDs on each side, but if you’re really willing to go the extra mile, you could get these pages:

You could even put the cover art in this one!  Swoon!

Given the number of DVD’s we had, I was worried that the price tag on this would be astronomical as you’d have to buy more pages.

So we “settled”.


I say that because I did the work (busy as a bee), so I (being the “you”) get to fill up on a tea as my reward. 


I know.

I’ll leave you with my fabulous before and after:

An entire cupboard whittled down to a 4″ binder.

 that's right.
  Have a great one!