So yesterday I showed the medicine cabinet, but I never stop at one small thing.
Once I get in the mood to organize and purge LOOK OUT!

I thought I’d show the kitchen drawers – boring, perhaps – but check out the custom organizers that Hubby built for me!

It stemmed from this:

The store-bought cutlery containers (in plastic).

Sure they look great and they keep things nice and tidy – but has anyone else had the problem where, as you repeatedly open and close the drawers, the knives slide up and eventually perforate the plastic?

I’ve tried putting objects there to stop it, but the knives inevitably slide underneath and continue to wedge in that crack.

So this is what Hubby made:

  He custom fit wood organizers into a few drawers for me!

I kept the cutlery tray, but moved my larger knives to be stored here.


This one is to keep my baking stuff organized.

 The knives and other sharp items.

 He built 4 for me, and you can see how they’ve made a difference.

Particularly in the junk drawer.
Now nothing slides to the back into one giant pile.

Thank you Hubs!

(Now what else can I get him to build?   hmmmmm…)

Have a great one!

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