We have a skiiiiiinnnny little cabinet next to the kitchen window that really isn’t big enough to store anything except small bottles.

We could certainly use more upper cabinets (we only have 5 including this one), but I guess everyone needs a place, up high, to store their medicines.

It was getting a bit out of hand, so I thought I’d better do a clean-out.

 Best to start fresh.

I removed everything so I could clean out the cupboard and check expiry dates on all the bottles.

Which, as it turns out was WAAAAY past due:

I was sure I cleaned out this cupboard just months ago?
Like 6 months ago, not 36 months?
I hope I’m not aging in dog years?

There were a few items to purge, a few items to compile and remove duplicate containers and a few that have just been in there for years without being used.

I label the sides of the boxes so you know what’s in each without having to pull everything back out again.

Least used on the top shelf.
Most used on the bottom.

Much better.

15 minutes, and that included stopping to take photos.

I love when the items on my checklist are quick like that!

Have a great one!