The title of this post is compelling right?
You’re dying to know about my fridge aren’t you?

Well, here it is in all it’s glory:

We keep the milk tags for crafts.

Can you find anything to snack on?
Anything easy to reach?
Not if you’re 5 and 7.

Hubby loves leftovers.
He doesn’t eat them or even wrap them up properly, he just likes to make enough to have leftovers and then he puts the bowl or plate right in to the fridge.
And we end up like this.
Every single week.

I can’t find what I’m looking for when I go to make something.
The kids can’t find a snack that won’t bring the entire fridge toppling down.
And we end up buying too much.
Case in point – can you see the 5lbs of blueberries in there?

So every week I have to get in there.
You did read that right – every single week!
I repackage up all like foods together (blueberries for instance).

Here’s the after:

I label them for the girls to see, and I put a date on them so I know when we got them.

Then I put the healthy snacks at munchkin height.

Just because you’re observing the world from butt height doesn’t mean that the view has to be cr@ppy.  lol

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