Now that we’re halfway through summer, it’s probably a good time to “file” away all the homework, art pieces and awards from last year.

For me, the easiest – and therefore best – method is to photograph everything and then have a book made.

If you saw this post on my DIY – Kid’s Art Boards

you’ll know that I post all of the girls’ creations for a month.
When I take them down, to start the new month, I label them with the girl’s name and the month. 

From there I put it into a box:

At the end of the year I have accumulated quite a bit.

From here I take them out piece by piece (they should be in order by month if you just add them to the box month after month), hang them on a clipboard and take a photo.

This part might take awhile – but these pieces are priceless art.
You won’t get this chance again.

Once all your photos are uploaded to your computer there are a million programs that will “Auto-Fill” a book for you.

This one I made through Black’s.  I used their free design service to have someone else lay it all out for me.  They e-mail you a tentative copy and you can request changes, or choose to go with what they’ve come up with.

Here’s the finished product:

Much easier to flip through, much easier to store, and you’re more likely to actually look at this than you would a box full of papers.

Have a great one!

 Have a great one!